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Siblings stop their father’s wedding for a shocking reason (VIDEO)

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  • The moment when a wedding is stopped has gone viral.
  • Four siblings decided to stop their father’s wedding.
  • The reason is shocking.

The moment when siblings try to stop their father’s wedding has gone viral and the reason they wanted to stop the ceremony is shocking. A family in Peru starred in an unimaginable moment after four siblings decided to stop their father from marrying.

The incident that took place in Peru has amazed internet users who made the clip go viral. Three boys and their older sister went to the municipality of Pasco in Peru, where their father was marrying his girlfriend.

Siblings stop their father’s wedding

Brothers stop their father's wedding

The man, Adrián Chamorro, was there for his wedding. Screaming and crying, his children began to ask him not to marry the woman and even sprayed him with paint. They demanded that instead of marrying, he pay child support he owed them.

«Don’t get married, take care of me,» the youngest child says. They carried banners demanding that the man take responsibility for them.

They demand that he pay child support

They demand that you pay your support

The oldest of the group of four is responsible for raising the younger ones, however, she wants her father to pay child support. “I just want him to take care of my brothers. He says that he doesn’t have money to feed them, but he does have money to get married. Not a single coin has passed them for two years after the death of my mother.”

I fight broke out as more people got involved. Authorities had to show up to stop the fight and now they are investigating Adrián Chamorro for not supporting his children.

«In this life everything is paid»

"In this life everything is paid"

Internet users have expressed their opinions about the incident after seeing the video of the distraught children.

«In this life everything is paid, irresponsible parents.» «He likes to make them, but not keep them.» «Bravo for the children of this irresponsible man, very well done.» «There are many men without shame, like that one in all the world.” “How can a woman get marry with this type of man?» «Good for the children that justice be done and they get their monthly allowance.»

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