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Shamans predict a terrifying earthquake in 2023

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  • Shamans make terrifying prediction for 2023.
  • A great earthquake will shake North America.

Shamans predict an earthquake in 2023. Just a few days before the end of 2022, several predictions for the next year have been released. Some psychics have revealed chilling visions of what is supposed to happen in 2023. Now, new terrifying revelations have been announced.

At the highest point of Lima, the San Cristóbal hill, a dozen Peruvian shamans and healers carried out a ritual a few days ago to ask for peace and offer their predictions about the «convulsive» 2023 that haunts the Andean country. However, not everything they envisioned for the future was good.

Shamans predict a great earthquake in 2023

Shamans predict great earthquake for 2023

On this occasion, the predictions of the sorcerers and shamans from Peru have been released, they already correctly predicted the death of the former Brazilian soccer player, Pelé. They also say a great earthquake will shake North America. This was the result of a ritual that they perform with incense and flowers on the top of the San Cristóbal hill.

They also said that conflicts between Russia and Ukraine will finally end next year. In this ritual they could observe skulls on the ground and incense. It’s a ceremony that they perform every year at the end of December.

The end of the war in Ukraine?

Shamans predict earthquake 2023: The end of the war?

Apparently peace will come in 2023, according to the visions of the shamans and healers of Peru. They asked for an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine that has killed so many. «In Peru there is going to be a very big convulsion by 2023, which is a bit difficult to solve and there are many deaths,» says the sorcerer Walter Alarcón.

“From Ukraine with Russia, a peace will be signed before August, it is already going that way. Although there will be (moments) with force these days or these months, but after all this will calm down, peace, tranquility will come, that is what we have seen,” said Cleofe Sedano, the witch. Filed Under: Shamans Predict 2023 Earthquake

The Brazilian star’s death

The death of the Brazilian star

While the rest of the members bless the coming year with flowers, incense and chicha de jora, the shaman Walter said that the 82-year-old Brazilian soccer legend, “O Rei” Pelé, who was in serious condition due to colon cancer, would move «to a more spiritual plane», according to Excelsior.

For this ritual, the shamans dance in circles shared a photo of the Brazilian star and said that «Pelé’s situation is getting worse, his situation is getting worse,” Filed Under: Shamans Predict 2023 Earthquake

Will an earthquake hit the US?

Will an earthquake hit the US?

Another of their frightening predictions is a great earthquake that will hit North American and it could be in the United States. «Next year there will be an earthquake, but not in the capital of Peru but in another place, mostly abroad in the northern part of America, which could be the United States, there will be a lot of tragedy, mostly climatic,» said shaman Walter Alarcón, according to infobae.

“That they always have contact with nature. The human being is moving away from nature and nature is wise, it charges us. That is why all the disasters and global warming come because the human being separates from nature and lives a more fictitious life,” shared the elder witch. Filed Under: Shamans predict earthquake 2023

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