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Amanda Miguel reacts to a little boy who went viral with his singing

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TikTok videos featuring precocious children often take the internet by storm and many of them end up going viral. This is what happened with a child who began trending after a video of him singing a song by Amanda Miguel was shared.

The video where Chucho sings the song Castillos caught the attention of singer Amanda Miguel, who was amazed by the performance and took the time to dedicate a message to the little one.

So much feeling!

full lung
PHOTO: Instagram

In the video, the little boy sings Castillos with great feeling, not realizing that he was being recorded. As he sings, his gestures become more and more emotional and grand.

All this, while he is playing on his porch on a tricycle. The video was shared on TikTok and became a huge hit due to countless reactions from netizens. “Who hurt him so much?” internet users jokingly asked. WATCH VIDEO HERE. FILED UNDER: Amanda Miguel reacts to singing child

The video got thousands of reactions

generated many reactions
PHOTO: Instagram

In the video, which was shared on TikTok by user Marián BG (@_bgmarian), a small child is singing the song. The post has more than 25,000 comments and has gone viral. Many wonder how the little boy managed to sing this popular song with so much emotion.

There have been millions of comments on Chucho’s viral video, but another show business personality who was delighted by Chucho’s performance is Consuelo Duvál: “I can’t stop watching him. We love Chucho and his emotioanl faces,” she commented. ARCHIVED UNDER: Amanda Miguel reacts to child singing

Amanda Miguel reacts

Amanda Miguel reacts child: She reacts herself
PHOTO: Instagram

“I already saw you, Chucho! Dear friends, they sent me this video of Chucho singing with so much feeling that I want to share it with you. It is divine,” Amanda Miguel herself posted on her official Instagram. “Chucho represents your fans,” her followers commented.

“My God, this must be seen by Amanda Miguel.” “Not even Amanda Miguel made so much emotions with it.” “My God, Amanda Miguel must see this.” and “Sometimes I feel like it’s me and a mutt against the world,” were other comments from users. ARCHIVED UNDER: Amanda Miguel reacts to child singing

Everyone is moved

Amanda Miguel reacts child: Everyone is moved
PHOTO: Instagram

The name of the little boy was shared by internet users. “Chucho I want to sing with you I put the six de frutsis or pau pau.” Viewers were delighted with the performance, there is no doubt that he has great talent and he won many fans.

“Congratulations for inspiring so many people with your beautiful songs.” “Poor Chucho, what he had to live to sing with that feeling, cheer up Chucho!” “I even want to invite him to a party and sing with him.” FILED UNDER: Amanda Miguel reacts to child singing

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