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Rodner Figueroa scores a new success after being fired from Telemundo!

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  • Rodner Figueroa took his dismissal from Telemundo in a positive way.
  • He was grateful for the opportunity to work at the company.
  • The Venezuelan host starts a new project.

On Friday, November 18, it was announced that several layoffs were taking place at Telemundo, from the morning show Hoy Día, hosted by the charismatic Adamari López to Al Rojo Vivo. Rodner Figueroa was one of the personalities let go by the television network but it seems that it is never too late for new opportunities.

After five years on Telemundo, with the evening show Al Rojo Vivo, which he hosed with María Celeste Arrarás, it has now been revealed that Rodner Figueroa was another of the presenters that was being laid off.

Rodner Figueroa speaks after his dismissal from Telemundo

Rodner Figueroa new success
Photo: Facebook

The host decided to break his silence after his departure from the most sought-after Hispanic television network in a video, “I left Telemundo in peace, satisfied, with my head held high, happy. I did what I was destined to do in that period. My spirit wants to move forward and now it can move forward freely,” he said on Facebook.

“The first thing that happened with Telemundo — that was wonderful for me and for which I will be eternally grateful — was that my adored boss Luis Fernández hired me again to work on TV. I met wonderful people and made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, like Alix Aspe, who today are part of my personal environment,” added Rodner Figueroa. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa new hit

Rodner Figueroa achieves new success after being fired from Telemundo

Rodner Figueroa new success
Photo: Facebook

Despite being involved in so many controversies, Rodner Figueroa earned the love of viewers and they have shown that they want to see him back on the small screen. Now, it seems that this was heard since the host has been surprised with unexpected news.

In his live broadcast on Facebook, Rodner only expressed words of gratitude to his million followers. Now, since his departure, the Venezuelan host has focused on filling his social media with content where he shows his skills as an entrepreneur, designer and, of course, as a commentator on current events. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa new hit

What will the Venezuelan host do?

Rodner Figueroa new success
Photo: Facebook

The new project for the charismatic but controversial former Telemundo host is closely related to the cameras, although in a different way. He will continue to provide information to his loyal fans and thousands of internet users who are interested in his content.

Now it will not be through some famous program or on a television network, but the Venezuelan will be using his social media to post videos where he will comment on current topics of interest, just as he did on Al Rojo Vivo. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa new hit

The doors to the future of the former Telemundo host aren’t closed

The doors to the future of the former Telemundo host do not close
Photo: Facebook

He’s already completed his first project. Through a Facebook live Rodner Figueroa shared his first video as current affairs analyst. «This is indeed a scandal,» his new installment begins. In it he addresses the controversy after the election of Miss Venezuela and the black cloud hovering over the event.

The former Telemundo host has endeavored to offer the best of himself to that audience that loves him so much and has been more active on his social media. He may not be on television anymore but social media is an open door, and the video that was made yesterday already has more than 130,000 views and more than a thousand comments. SEE THE VIDEO HERE. With information from People en Español, Hola and La Vibra. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa new hit

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