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Rodner Figueroa’s partner talks about his firing from Telemundo

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  • Telemundo’s surprising firing of Rodner Figueroa.
  • How did he and his boyfriend react when they found out?
  • How he is doing after the news.

Rodner Figueroa’s partner speaks out. The changes that have been happening in Telemundo have left many unhappy since several layoffs have already been announced on Hoy Día and people have not taken it in the best way, although they have been peaceful departures.

One of the dismissals that affected people the most was that of Venezuelan presenter Rodner Figueroa. After working for Telemundo for five years on Al Rojo Vivo, now he confirmed that he will be leaving the network. But how did his boyfriend react?

Why was Rodner Figueroa fired from Telemundo?

Rodner Figueroa couple breaks the silence
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The real reason why the Venezuelan host was fired has not been disclosed, however, his departure from the show had previously been speculated about. On this occasion the fashionista and journalist was not part of this new chapter.

According to the media, one of the alleged reasons for Rodner’s dismissal was his high salary. It apparently was not because of low ratings. Another reason is that the public was not supporting him as they thought they would when they hired him. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa fired from Telemundo

Rodner talks about his departure from Telemundo

Rodner Figueroa couple breaks the silence
PHOTO: Facebook/ Rodner Figueroa

However, despite the fact that it was speculated that he had been fired in the worst way, Rodner recently did a Facebook live where, according to Hola magazine, he said only good things and he showed enthusiasm for starting a new stage in his career:

“I left Telemundo in peace, satisfied, with my head held high, happy,” he says. “I did what I was destined to do on Telemundo in that period.” The fashion expert will undertake new projects. “My spirit wants to move along and now it can move freely,” said the businessman, who has a coffee brand called 5Gotas. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa fired from Telemundo

What was his boyfriend’s reaction when he found out the news?

PHOTO: Instagram

After the executives had a serious talk with Rodner Figueroa about his departure from the television network, the Venezuelan host told his boyfriend, Ernesto Mathies, according to People en Español. The host shared how he broke the news to his boyfriend: “Look, don’t get nervous and don’t get upset… ‘Because he gets very nervous when things are related to me…,” he said.

Ernesto described his reaction: “When he told me it broke my heart.” Rodner reassured him: “‘Gordo, I’m fine, get ready.’ He thought it was going to affect me more than him.” Rodner tells me: ‘You know what, I’m happy, now I’ll dedicate myself to my own thing.’ And when he put it that way I said ‘the truth is that yes’. And I swear to you that I admire the positive things that life sends you,” they explained. Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa fired from Telemundo

How Rodner is doing after being fired from Telemundo

PHOTO: Instagram

Despite the fact that people have been very sad about his departure from Telemundo, Rodner says that he’s at peace with starting a new stage in his life, “I no longer have to ask for vacations, nor days off, or anything.”

“It was a very friendly, very elegant way out and, as I said, I wish the best of luck to Telemundo, to Al Rojo Vivo, to my colleagues and to all the friends that I left there,” indicated the attractive presenter according to Hola magazine (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO OF RODNER EXPLAINING HIS DEPARTURE) Filed Under: Rodner Figueroa fired from Telemundo

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