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Is Memo Ochoa coming between Rommel Pacheco and Lylo Fa?

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Memo Ochoa hizo lo 'impensable' y logró evitar la humillación
  • Is Memo Ochoa getting in the middle of a relationship?
  • A message that a Mexican athlete dedicated to Ochoa.
  • Trouble on the horizon for the Qatari hero?

Celebrities’ relationships are usually in the eye of the hurricane. This isn’t the first time that a romance is said to be in danger in the entertainment world but now it went further, as it turns out that Ochoa is said to be getting in the middle of a marriage!

All this arose after goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa put on the savior’s cape by stopping a penalty from Robert Lewandowski during Mexico’s confrontation with Poland, saving the game which ended in a 0-0 draw against Poland in his World Cup debut in Qatar.

Memo Ochoa is said to be getting in the middle of a relationship

Memo Ochoa third discord
Photo: Instagram

After that we could see how social media was filled with memes related to Ochoa stopping the penalty and saving his team during their first World Cup match in Qatar. The most notorious where the ones where the goalkeeper was dressed as a saint.

Given this, the wife of a well-known Mexican athlete hinted at the fact that Memo Ochoa might be the one getting in the middle of her marriage, she even leaked what could be the evidence of this. Filed Under: Memo Ochoa

Memo Ochoa finds himself in trouble because of a compromising message

Memo Ochoa third discord
Photo: Instagram

One of the memes ended up in the hands of the gorgeous Alhely Fallah, better known as Lylo Fa, who is known for her social media content which she shares on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Dhr decided to take one of the memes to share the truth about her and Memo Ochoa.

In the post, one of the messages that Rommel Pacheco had addressed to the goalkeeper for the Mexican team was compared with those he usually sends to his beloved wife, clearly showing that he was more effusive about Memo than his own wife. Filed Under: Memo Ochoa

Rommel Pacheco dedicates a message to Memo Ochoa and his wife Lylo Fa is jealous

Memo Ochoa third discord
Photo: Instagram

This comparison did not take long to cause a stir on social media, so it was speculated that Rommel could prefer the goalkeeper of the Mexican team over his own wife. Could it be that Memo Ochoa is about to break up a marriage?

Lylo revealed her husband’s preferences using a meme that she shared on Instagram. In the post there are two Facebook messages: «My husband dedicating some words to Ochoa/My husband dedicating words to me,» can be read at the bottom of the photo. Filed Under: Memo Ochoa third discord.

What Rommel Pacheco’s message said

What the message said that leaves between seeing that Rommel Pacheco prefers Ochoa to Lylo Fa
Photo: Instagram

Then, on Memo Ochoa’s side, an image of the goalkeeper on the field appears accompanied by a message that says: “I am the one who defends you, the one who always supports you, the one who wanted you as a starter, the only one! I love you, my idol!” On the other side of the meme there are a couple of photographs of Rommel Pacheco and Lylo Fa and in their description it says: “I love you, thanks for everything.” Given this, users immediately reacted.

Several netizens and fans of the couple pointed out that Rommel was a ‘bad husband’ in a sarcastic tone. «Friend, open your eyes.»  «Tssssss… is the chair comfortable?» «You’re very bad Rommel» «Today you sleep on the sofa.” “How inspired Rommel, you almost wrote him a whole poem.” “Very bad husband Rommel,” can be read. With information from TV Notas and Colectivo. Filed Under: Memo Ochoa third discord.

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