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Prince Harry makes surprising revelations in his new book

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El príncipe Harry lanza revelaciones inesperadas
  • Prince Harry has made surprising revelations in his autobiography, Spare.
  • He talked about his first sexual experience.
  • He used drugs in his youth.

After their separation from the royal family, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have given interviews and even released a documentary series on Netflix. Now, they are keeping everyone talking with the release of Harry’s autobiography.

Prince Harry’s book is called Spare and it’s making waves for his surprising revelations. The book features stories of how he and his wife were treated by the royal family, as well as stories from his youth.

Prince Harry makes surprising revelations in Spare

Prince Harry Releases Unexpected Revelations
PHOTO Twitter

Prince Harry described his experiences as a member of the royal family in his autobiographical book entitled Spare, which will officially go on sale Tuesday, January 10. However, advance excerpts already have everyone talking.

Harry  had no qualms about including intimate details of his life in the book. The surprising revelations range from his unfortunate first sexual experience to his time serving in the military. He also talked about experimenting with drugs.

Prince Harry loses his virginity

Revealed that she lost her virginity outdoors
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One of Prince Harry’s surprising revelations is the story of how he lost his virginity. We did not expect him to reveal the details of such an intimate moment. However, in the book he describes how he was deflowered behind a pub by an older woman.

He said it was an inglorious experience. He claims he lost his virginity to an older horse-loving woman in a field behind a pub. The outdoor scene was a quick one that ended with the woman slapping him on the butt before walking off.

Harry experimented with drugs in his youth

Prince Harry spoke about what substances he consumed

Prince Harry admitted to having used drugs during his teenage years. However, he also revealed that he had inhaled laughing gas while Meghan was giving birth to their firstborn.

Harry said he dabbled with cocaine and marijuana, in addition to having consumed psychedelics on occasion. The royal family sent a guard to find out exactly what Harry was doing in 2001. While the prince thought it was due to his unfortunate incident with the older woman, in reality they had sent someone to confront him about his drug use.

Prince Harry and his experiences with drugs

Harry explained that he continues to use some drugs
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Harry also talked about some of his experiences with psychedelics. He had a «bad trip» while on mushrooms. He found himself hallucinating inside a bathroom where he could see a garbage can with a mouth, according to The Sun.

As on another occasion, he found himself so high that he began to whisper to a fox he thought was trying to talk to him through a car window. In the book he explains that he used psychedelics for fun, but also therapeutically since they not only allowed him to escape from reality but also to redefine it.

His military adventures

He revealed details of his time serving in the military.
PHOTO Twitter

It is well known that Harry served in the military and was stationed Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008, before returning to service in 2012. However, the Duke of Sussex kept details hidden for years that were revealed in his autobiography.

Harry admits to having killed as many as 25 people in Afghanistan. He says he is not ashamed of it but he does care. During his time in the military his goal was to go to sleep with the clear awareness that the people he had killed were the enemy and there were no civilian casualties involved.

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