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El Charro serenades Mayrita and she seems to be very uncomfortable

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  • La Mayrita made her separation from El Charro official.
  • El Charrito serenaded his wife, is he trying to win her back?
  • Some say Mayrita is tired of her husband.

On December 17, it was announced that El Charro, who offended immigrants, and La Mayrita officially announced their separation. Erik Roberto Torres and Mayra Alejandra, who rose to fame on the internet for sharing reflections on marriage and family, once again find themselves in the eye of the storm.

Their popularity increased when they exposed their marriage problems and how they managed to solve them on TikTok, However, it seems that on this occasion they could not put their advice into practice and their problems were too much.

El Charro and La Mayrita separate

Charro Serenades Mayrita
Photo: Instagram

Around the middle of December, several rumors were circulating about the relationship between El Charro and La Mayrita, all pointing to a breakup, but it was not until the 17th of that month that they confirmed their separation, «Charrito and I are going to separate, many of you were speculating and yes, we separated,” Mayra Alejandra revealed to her followers at that time.

Their separation was supposed to last a month, during which time they would both think about how to work on their relationship, but shortly after, La Mayrita confirmed that they are no longer together. Then El Charro decided to surprise his wife with a serenade to win her back? Filed Under: El Charro Serenades Mayrita

Was there someone else?

Charro Serenades Mayrita
Photo: Instagram

After several days had passed since their separation was made official, Erik Roberto Torres decided to take the initiative and surprise La Mayrita with a serenade. However it seems that things did not turn out as El Charro expected because his wife looked very uncomfortable.

Erik Roberto is a ranchera singer with a beautiful voice who has managed to captivate the hearts of young and old. With 12 years of experience and six albums, El Charro has become one of the most outstanding regional Mexican artists in the United States. Filed Under: El Charro Serenades Mayrita

El Charro serenades Mayrita after their recent separation

Charro Serenades Mayrita
Photo: Instagram

He decided to take advantage of his great talent and powerful voice to try to win back his wife by serenading her. Erik Roberto showed how he sang especially for Mayrita on his official Instagram account, but things didn’t turn out so well.

In the video you can see how Mayra watches El Charro with a lot of pain and sadness while holding their daughter. As he continues singing, she tries to back off a bit, shaking her head and saying a resounding ‘No’ repeatedly. Her discomfort is apparent at first glance and makes it clear that she is not ready to get back together with him. Filed Under: Charro Serenades Mayrita

Internet users say that Mayrita doesn’t want Erik Roberto back

Internet users say that Mayrita no longer wants to return with Erik Roberto
Photo: Instagram

Immediately El Charro’s post — where he also wrote, «I love you» in the description — was filled with countless comments from his faithful follower.  Most remarked on how uncomfortable Erik’s wife looked.

“Mayra is tired of the dam… shows of the Charro.” “A lot of show, why doesn’t he stop making everything public? The poor woman is uncomfortable.” “Sadness is reflected on her face. She has the face of a tired woman already.» «Ridiculous» «Focus and be a real man.» «The girl there watching her mother cry.» «Mayrita looks tired from so much show.» «I see a lot of immaturity in you charrito,” they wrote. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Charro Serenades Mayrita

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