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Meet Paulo Dybala’s girlfriend Oriana Sabatini

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  • Oriana Sabatini is Argentine like Paulo Dybala.
  • She is the soccer player’s girlfriend.
  • Oriana is a sensation on social media.

When it comes to great soccer players, Argentine Paulo Dybala is at the top of the list along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Like Dybala, his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini is a star on social media.

Oriana Sabatini is known simply as «Oriana». The 26-year-old beauty has managed to create a fan base with her showstopping Instagram posts.

Meet Paulo Dybala’s girlfriend Oriana Sabatini

She is Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala's girlfriend
PHOTO: Instagram

Oriana Sabatini was born on April 19, 1996 and is currently 26 years old. She is known for being an Argentine actress, singer and model, as well as being the girlfriend of Argentine soccer player Paulo Dybala.

Oriana is the daughter of businessman Osvaldo Sabatini and the well-known Venezuelan soap opera actress Catherine Fulop, according to Trendencias.

Oriana Sabatini is an actress and singer

Oriana Sabatini, in addition to being Paulo Dybala's girlfriend, is an actress and singer
PHOTO: Instagram

Oriana is a huge success at just 26 years old and she has already appeared in multiple television programs and movies since 2013.

Among the films and television programs Oriana Sabatin has appeared in are: Aliados, a series that ran from 2013 to 2014; Perdida, a film released in 2018; the film What Are You Playing For? in 2019 and Well-Kept Secret, a series that has been on the air since 2020.

Oriana is studying how to prepare dead bodies for wakes

Oriana studies how to prepare the bodies for wakes
PHOTO: Instagram

The actress revealed on Luzu TV’s Nadie Dice Nada podcast that she has a very unusual hobby — thanatopraxia.

This means that she prepares the corpses for viewing. “I have not yet interacted with a dead body, but it will happen. The course is online because I cannot be in Spain, which is where it is done. But when I finish all the theory I have to do the practice,” says Oriana.

Oriana’s most popular songs

Oriana's most popular songs
PHOTO: Instagram

She’s not only know for appearing on television series or in movies, she’s also known for her songs which can be heard on Spotify or YouTube.

Oriana currently has more than 310,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, while on Spotify, she has already reached 220,000 listeners per month. Her most popular songs are SOLA, 325, Lo Que Tienes and Luna Llena.

She began her music career at a very young age

She began her artistic life at a very young age.
PHOTO: Instagram

According to Buena Música, Oriana began her music career at a very young age. She kept working at it until she became well-known.

Her music training began with singing and piano lessons. She studied at the Instituto de Entrenamiento Actoral Julio Chávez in Buenos Aires in addition to having spent a year at the New York Film Academy.

Oriana is also a model

Oriana is also a model
PHOTO: Instagram

In addition to being an actress and singer,  Oriana Sabatini is also a successful model and has appeared on the covers of the biggest fashion magazines.

Oriana began modeling at the age of 13 when she was asked about her relationship with her mother. She also worked on a makeup campaign for L’Oréal, according to Good music.

Her ex and her current relationship with Paulo Dybala

His ex-partner and his current relationship with Paulo Dybala
PHOTO: Instagram

Before dating Paulo Dybala, Oriana had a relationship with YouTuber and actor Julián Serrano while they were working on Aliados in 2014. However, the relationship ended due to a rumor that Julián cheated on her with castmate Malena Narvay.

She began dating Paulo Dybala in 2018, when they met at the World Cup that year. The soccer player contacted her on Instagram starting a romance that is still going strong based on their photos.

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