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Pamela Silva breaks down talking about the Nashville school shooting (VIDEO)

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  • The Primer Impacto host couldn’t hold back her tears.
  • Pamela Silva breaks down talking about the Nashville school shooting.
  • Chilling details about the shooter.

Pamela Silva breaks down in tears reporting on the Nashville school shooting. The gorgeous host of Primer Impacto, Pamela Silva, had a difficult time on live TV. She was talking about the incident that occurred in a Nashville school where six people were shot and killed.

Speaking about the tragedy upset the Peruvian presenter as she described what happened at the Covenant School in Tennessee. She apologized for becoming emotional.

Pamela Silva breaks down reporting on the Nashville school shooting


A former student shot through the doors of a Christian elementary school on Monday, killing three children and three adults in a carefully planned massacre which included detailed maps and surveillance of the location, police say.

The victims were three 9-year-old children, the school principal, a substitute teacher and a janitor. The now familiar chaos erupted in the aftermath of the tragedy. Terrified parents rushed to the school to see if their children were safe and tearfully hugged them, while a shocked community planned vigils for the victims, according to the AP.

Pamela Silva couldn’t hold back her tears

PHOTO: Instagram

The tragic incident was reported on Primer Impacto. When talking about the number of victims and that small children as well as adults were killed, Pamela Silva could not help but break down in tears.

«Children from three years to 12 years old, sorry, it really is very sad to have to report it over and over again, history repeats itself and really, just today I went to visit a school for my son and the first thing they explain is the security of a school. It is unfortunate to have to continue reporting this,” Silva said with tears in her eyes.

Silva isn’t alone in her grief

Pamela Silva breaks down in tears Nashville shooting
PHOTO: Instagram

“Many parents are going to identify with you, because the least thing parents think about when they are going to drop their children off in the morning is that they will never pick them up,” Silva’s co-anchor said. Unfortunately these incidents continue to happen from time to time in the United States.

John Drake, Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department of Nashville said in a press conference: “I was literally moved to tears to see this and the children being escorted out of the building.”

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