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Lili Estefan shows off her luxurious Christmas decorations (VIDEO)

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  • Lili Estefan showed off her luxurious mansion.
  • She celebrates Christmas to the fullest.
  • Do people think she’s bragging too much?

Lili Estefan is one of best-known faces on Hispanic television in the US and it is no secret to anyone that she has been working at Univisión for many years so she surely makes a good living. She made her fortune through hard work and dedication, but is that an excuse to flaunt her Christmas decorations?

The host of El Gordo y la Flaca sparked envy in her millions of Instagram followers by posting a video of her Christmas decorations. She only showed few rooms in her home but many people thought it was ostentatious and that her house looks like something out of a movie.

Did the host of El Gordo y la Flaca overdo her Christmas decoration?

Lili Estefan house

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You plays in background of the video while you could see Lili Estefan’s living room as well as other parts of her mansion. Later she showed the garden area and the pool, which really shocked viewers.

Although Lili Estefan’s Christmas tree was not that big, it was quite striking with perfectly illuminated white and gold balls, bows and all kinds of lavish decorations. However, there were no gifts underneath it. There was just a white bag, undoubtedly from an expensive store.

People are shocked by Lili Estefan’s Christmas decorations

Show off your Christmas mansion

In video you can see her elegant sofa with white pillows embellished with glittering snowflakes. The room also had large windows that reflected the Christmas lights throughout the house.

There were huge flowers on the table, small silver Christmas trees on the sides of the room, as well as Santa Claus figures. What really shocked Lili Estefan’s fans the most was undoubtedly the garden area and the pool that looked like something out of a movie.

The pool and garden were amazing

The pool looks like a fairy tale

To close Lili Estefan’s Christmas video, she showed the pool which reflected the blue and white lights that adorned the trees. The El Gordo y la Flaca host created a spectacular holiday mood.

Reindeers, Santa Claus and more littered Lili Estefan’s mansion that could well be passed off as a tourist attraction … but how did people react?

Was Lili Estefan criticized?

Lili Estefan's Christmas

The comments in the presenter’s video were immediate: «I thought that was Raúl (the Santa) hahaha.» «Where is the most important thing, the manger?» «I have nothing against Lilly. With respect to the decorator, of course, and I understand that they do what the client asks for.” “Do you have Raúl dressed as Santa?”

Many more people added: “Your house decorated for Christmas is very beautiful. Blessings. For you and your children.” “Lili, you had already taken time to show us your Christmas arrangements. Which, by the way, I love.” “Your house will be spectacular as always.” “What a beautiful decoration, beautiful and without extravagances, that’s my taste, Christmas looks more beautiful and you can enjoy every detail.” “Every year she decorates the same.”  SEE THE VIDEO OF LILI ESTEFAN’S HOUSE HERE

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