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Juan Rivera alarms his fans by posing in a coffin

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  • Is Juan Rivera dead?
  • Jenni’s brother shares an alarming Instagram post.
  • Juan posts a photo where he’s lying in a coffin.

Juan Rivera poses in a coffin. After La Diva de la Banda’s death, the Rivera family has been involved in many controversies. Jenni’s siblings are always being talked about on social media and recently an unusual video of Juan Rivera began to circulate.

There is no doubt that since Jenni Rivera’s children and her siblings have been at odds, the family has been somewhat estranged. Her siblings often share controversial posts on social media.

Juan Rivera shares an unusual video on Instagram

Juan Rivera appears coffin
Photo: Instagram

Juan Rivera shared a video on his official Instagram account that undoubtedly left more than one follower speechless and worried. In the video he is seen as no-one would have ever imagined. The post already has over 7,000 likes.

Just when you look at Juan Rivera’s Instagram account, one post stands out from the rest. In it, he is lying in what appears to be a coffin. He is wearing a navy blue suit with a light colored shirt and patterned tie. He also has on a white cap adorned with a rose.

Did Jenni Rivera’s brother die?

Juan Rivera appears coffinPhoto: Instagram

With his eyes closed and a peaceful expression, Juan Rivera posed in a coffin. Immediately after sharing this, Jenni’s brother posted several photos of some of the happiest and most difficult moments in his life.

In the description of the video, Juan Rivera stressed that there are moments when he feels empty and as if he were the walking dead, a metaphor that he showed in his video. «I’ll trust you with something. We all know that perfect lives or moments are often sold on social media. I will open up with you because I have no doubt that you may also feel that way,” the post begins.

Juan Rivera alarms followers by posing in a coffin

The forceful message that Jenni Rivera's brother sharedPhoto: Instagram

“NO MATTER HOW STRONG I TRY TO BE. Even though I have a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, I don’t stop being human with emotions and feelings. I often feel EMPTY inside. I feel LOST even though I know where I am. Sometimes I feel that the Machine is on but the driver left. In my life, I have lived MANY STAGES. Most of them are Bad,” Juan Rivera shared with an open heart.

He added that he has not been a good person but despite that he has received great things in life from God and stated that, «I think, I don’t know, but I think I’m in a better place in my life but sometimes I still feel Dead inside. There are many people who you see SMILE on the OUTSIDE but inside they are tormented by their thoughts. Because of their past and the feeling that THEY’LL NEVER BE ENOUGH. The truth is that the cross that I carry WEIGHS.”

Jenni Rivera’s brother shared a powerful message

This was the reaction of the netizensPhoto: Instagram

At the end of the video, Juan Rivera posted two alarming photographs, one of them of himself in the coffin and the second showing what looks like his funeral — the coffin, the flowers, and the walls of the place were white. Internet users immediately commented.

“We are all very far from being perfect.” “My Juanelo, I have seen the radical change in you!! I love your heart!» «You will feel fuller and fuller when you go to visit Lupillo.» «I got a big scare, I thought he had died.» «Oh Juan, what a scare.» «Cheer up Juan, we are with you.» “What you have to do to get attention.” “I thought you had gone to the other world my dear Juan!! We love you many blessings.

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