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Miraculous! Jaime González was given a 1% chance of surviving COVID-19

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  • A man was given a 1% chance of surviving COVID-19.
  • Jaime González beat the odds and cheated death.
  • Now he is home with his family.

He cheated death! A Hispanic father lives a miracle after two years struggling to recover from the brink of death when he became severely ill with COVID-19.

Jaime Gonzalez lives in Thornton, Colorado, where he experienced the worst of the pandemic when the coronavirus left him in a coma for months. Just last year, he regained consciousness and began to fight.

He was given a 1% chance of survival

Miracle managed to beat death
Photo: Capture GoFundMe website

The situation was so dire that the doctors told him that he only had a 1% chance of survival. “It was devastating, we did not know what COVID-19 was, we simply did not know what to expect or what was going to happen,” said Jesús González, the eldest son of the immigrant who fell ill at the beginning of the pandemic.

Jaime González had just recovered from a stroke and pneumonia when they gave him the terrible diagnosis. «My brothers are young,» says Jesús while remembering that basically the doctors did not give him hope. «They told me to bring them so they could say goodbye.»

Jaime González had just overcome a stroke and pneumonia

Miracle managed to beat death
Photo: Capture GoFundMe website

The father of three was in a coma, intubated and had to be put on the ECMO (life support) machine. Despite all the odds against them, the family still clung to hope.

His son started looking everywhere for cures and found a research paper about testing they were doing in China, “with a super high dose of steroids. I presented it to the doctors and at first they said it wasn’t going to work.»

A few days after the treatment, Jaime began to improve

Miracle managed to beat death
Photo: Capture GoFundMe website

But while his father was in the hospital fighting for his life, Jesús did not give up and insisted until a new doctor took over the case and decided to try the treatment. «She is the one who said, let’s go for it.»

That was when a miracle began to happen. A few days after beginning the treatment, his father’s health began to improve and he woke up from a coma. «There are no words to describe it. I looked at him and said, ‘What’s up, dude? What’s going on?’ And he just stared back at me. And he just smiled,” the grateful son notes.

«Don’t stop fighting. Every time because life is great.»

"Don't stop fighting. Every time because life is great"

Photo: Capture GoFundMe website

After spending 100 days in the hospital, his father returned home. Jaime González explained to local media that his lungs have recovered almost 80% and that he no longer has to depend on portable oxygen.

This year he has resumed his normal activities and he has returned to work. «Don’t stop fighting. Every time because life is great. Thank you God for giving me the great opportunity once again,» Jaime González said.

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