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Tomás, the boy who wanted to go to Spain for cancer treatment, has died (VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

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  • He was a hero who fought to the end.
  • Tomás suffered from B-cell leukemia.
  • The little boy underwent several treatments in Colombia.

He fought to the end. Eleven-year-old Thomas Felipe Bernal Vega went to heaven on Sunday, March 19. His family confirmed to MundoNow that he fought B-cell leukemia until his last breath.

The little boy underwent various treatments in his native Colombia but, sadly, his disease became terminal and he was evicted from the Homi Foundation, the institution that was treating his case.

Tomás started a fundraising campaign

Thomas started a fundraising campaign
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, Tomás himself began trying to raise funds with the aim of traveling to Barcelona,  Spain, where they have better treatments for his disease, as we reported when we broke this story on MundoNow.

The little boy and his family could not afford this expensive treatment and began a social media crusade «to complete my treatment and put an end to this ugly disease,» as Tomás Felipe said in the videos he shared.

Tomás stole the hearts of millions of people

Thomas stole the hearts of millions of people
PHOTO: Instagram

Little Tomás stole the hearts of millions of people around the world who donated money, time and resources in an effort to save him. Today those people mourn his death and see him as a «hero who fought to the end.»

Thomas will live on in the hearts and memories of all who knew him. He was a child who never gave in to adversity and never allowed the impossible to stop him. Rest in peace little Tommy.

“He was a very intelligent child”

"He was a very smart boy"
PHOTO: Instagram

Tomás was «a very intelligent child, he loved dinosaurs and animals,» recalls his mother Natalia Vega. She is suffering the most after his death. She made the sad announcement on Instagram.

Before wanting to go to Spain, Tomás’ family had set their sights on the United States, where they hoped he could be treated at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

He and his family fought to the end

He gave his last breath to save himself

PHOTO: Instagram

Treatment is free at St. Judes  but, as the family explained, they were unable to receive certification of referral from Colombian health professionals, so this was not a possibility.

The truth is that if something was clear in this whole process, it is that Thomas and his family gave fought to the end to save the life of the Hispanic boy who is in heaven today, finally free from all pain and disease.

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