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Mysterious Instagram account seeks justice for Itzel Espinoza’s murder

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FOTO: Getty Images
  • Instagram account seeks justice for Itzel Espinoza.
  • It was created in memory of Itzel Espinoza.
  • They are looking for those involved in her murder.

Itzel Espinoza’s name has been everywhere for the last few months. Unfortunately, it’s not how she would have dreamed of becoming famous. Now, someone is trying to ensure that her case is not forgotten. A mysterious Instagram account is seeking justice for the murder of young Itzel Espinoza.

Social media plays an important role in disseminating information these days. It’s a way to call attention to issues and get millions of people invested in a cause. That is what’s happening now thanks to the Instagram profile @isaasoria, which is seeking justice for Itzel.

Mysterious Instagram profile seeks justice for the murder of young Itzel Espinoza

Mysterious Instagram profile asks for justice for the murdered young woman Itzel Espinoza
PHOTO: Capture Instagram

With only 16 posts, this mysterious account seeks to expose the brutal case of the murdered 17-year-old girl. The account posts updates on the case, points to the alleged culprits and serves as a tribute to the Mexican girl.

Almost 13,000 people have already followed the Instagram account called «Justice for Itzel Espinoza», which states in its description that it is the only one.

They aren’t waiting for the authorities to do something

For them it is not necessary to wait for the authorities to do something
PHOTO: Capture Instagram

The peculiar profile image that the account has chosen is undoubtedly shocking. It’s a drawing of Itzel Espinoza hand in hand with Jesus Christ, alluding to the fact that she is now resting in peace next to him.

In its Highlights, seven sections stand out, IEE, Itzel, Share, Read, Murderer, Flyer and Itzel’s 19th, which offer different content regarding the young woman’s murder. It also includes a powerful campaign against Lindsey Brianna Aguilar, who is her alleged killer.

The account wants to locate Lindsey Brianna Aguilar

They seek to go against Lindsey Brianna Aguilar
PHOTO: Capture Instagram

One of the latest posts on the Instagram account shares an informative note on the exhaustive search for the alleged murderer. “Lindsey Brianna Aguilar is 19 years old, with black hair and brown eyes, the detectives believe that she may be moving between the US and Mexico,” the post explains.

The mysterious Instagram account claims it will not rest until justice is served. In addition to making it clear that it is not necessary to wait for the authorities to do something about it. Social media makes it possible to spread your message to millions.

Who is behind the account Justice for Itzel Espinoza?

Who is behind the profile of
PHOTO: Capture Instagram

Finally, faced with the question of who is behind the account seeking justice for Itzel Espinoza, it is likely that it is a close friend of the murdered young woman. In fact there are photos of them together.

Itzel Espinoza was found shot to death in a dark alley and her murder shocked the community. The girl was found in her car in the early morning of Saturday July 3, 2021 in an alley in Arizona, according to Telemundo Arizona.

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