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AMLO responds after hackers reveal his health issues

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  • Hackers uncover AMLO’s health issues.
  • Sedena official documents have records of them.
  • He’s said to suffer from hyperthyroidism and high-risk unstable angina.

Through documents obtained from the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), hackers revealed the president of Mexico’s health issues. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has supposedly been hiding his health problems according to Latinus and other media such as Expansión.

Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola reported on Latinus that a group of international hackers had leaked information on everything the Mexican government does in terms of military operations, monitoring important leaders, calls, messages, etc.


Hackers diseases AMLO
Latin photo

“Exposed official documents reveal that the president of Mexico has lied about his state of health and has hidden emergency hospitalizations. On January 2 of this year, a Mexican Army air ambulance had to go to Palenque, Chiapas, where the president’s ranch is located, to transfer him to the Central Military Hospital in Mexico City.”

And he added: “The president had to be monitored, channeled and medicated, before flying to the Mexico City airport, where he was taken with a serious diagnosis. We present the documents in Latinus with the sole objective of protecting the identity of the president’s military and private doctors.”


Official documents presidency Mexico
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Then he reports that the Special Services Group of the Military Police stated that López Obrador “was diagnosed with high-risk unstable angina, a worrying heart disease that can lead to heart attacks. After January 2 at the National Palace, blood and laboratory samples were taken. A week later on Twitter he announced that he had Covid.”

It was mentioned that between January 4 and 20, the Mexican president had at least ten medical consultations, including with his private cardiologist. On the morning of January 21, he was admitted to the Central Military Hospital for a catheterization. He stayed overnight and was discharged the following morning. After that hospitalization the president has received at least 28 treatments. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Hackers diseases AMLO


Hackers diseases AMLO
Photo Twitter

“Everything that is said there is true, about the ambulance in Palenque because there was a risk of a heart attack and they took me to the hospital and they recommended a catheterization. They told me I had to do it. I asked them to wait for a few days, that’s when I got Covid and I had to wait for the Covid to pass and I went to the hospital and they did a catheterization.”

“The rest about the thyroid, yes, when you go to see the doctors they test everything, and pills for thyroid, hypertension. The doctors finally convinced me (to take pills for gout), it’s pressure, and you defend yourself, but I ended up with a cocktail that I drink at night for various illnesses, it’s a syndrome, but I’m very well,” said López Obrador. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Hackers diseases AMLO


Official documents presidency Mexico
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“I check myself every three or four months, but that depends on how you feel. The most delicate thing is hypertension, but sometimes I walk and go to climb hills for what they call cardio, exercise and also take care of the kidneys because making a fraternal, affectionate criticism to the specialists, what they don’t want is that one dies of what they’re treating.”

“But sometimes what one has to take so as not to die from the heart, can affect other organs and that is how the specialist acts, so you have to find balance and when my responsibility as president is over, I’m going to have another lifestyle. I’m going to live at sea level and not so much pressure anymore, I’m going to lower the pills and it’s going to be more natural.” Filed Under: Hackers diseases AMLO

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