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First snow of the season will affect at least 10 US states

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  • Officials warn that the first snowfall of the season will arrive THIS WEEK.
  • It will bring low temperatures, rain and snow.
  • It will hit at least 10 US states.

DEVASTATING WINTER WEATHER IS COMING! Meteorologists warn that THIS WEEK the first snowfall of the season will arrive and that it will affect at least 10 US states. Experts alert drivers to dangerous road conditions.

The first massive snowfall of the winter season has been forming since this weekend and will continue to move until it reaches the central-north and eastern parts of the country. By the middle of the week, low temperatures, rain and snow will impact the region.

First snow of the season will affect at least 10 US states

First snow of the season will affect at least 10 US states
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Forecasters warned that northeastern states like New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island will bear the brunt of the snow and residents will need to prepare for cold weather THIS WEEK.

“Overnight Tuesday and Wednesday, snow is likely to fall in parts of the central Appalachians and the eastern Great Lakes area, before ending in northeastern New York state and northern New England on Wednesday late at night and early Thursday,” AccuWeather reported.

Snow in the US

First snow of the season will affect at least 10 US states
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This system will bring heavy winter rains north to the southern states of Texas and New Mexico, but the snowfall effects will be felt later in states from Oklahoma to Maine, through Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania , New York and Vermont.

In other words, much of the country will feel the arrival of winter. “As this storm progresses through the week, snow may fall throughout a zone that extends for 2,000 miles (+3,200 km),“ explained AccuWeather.

La Niña does her thing

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In recent days, the thermometer in New York registered temperatures above  70° F, but this Sunday it will remain between 40-50° F, and could decrease even more when the storm finally arrives during the week.

These storms, which include dramatic temperature changes are due to La Niña phenomenon which, for the third year in a row, will lead to unsettled winter weather in which people could enjoy hot days followed by abrupt temperature drops.

Be careful on the road

Photo: AP

“Early season snowfall sometimes tends to have problems in terms of accumulation on roads,» AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Bauer warned. However, they still do not specify how much snow this storm will bring. Still, his comment serves as a warning to motorists.

Avoiding highways is preferable, but those who need to travel should be aware of hazardous conditions due to slippery roads and poor road visibility. Experts suggest taking precautions and driving carefully.

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