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Shocking images of the historic snowfall that hit New York

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  • More shocking images of the snowstorm in Buffalo, New York.
  • Snowfall totaled over six feet.
  • It is considered a historic snowfall.

Buffalo felt the brutal impact of the lake-effect snowstorm they had been warned of since the beginning of the week. Photographers and, of course, the residents, were eager to broadcast the white panorama left by incredible snowfall.

These images began circulating on social media and highlighted how overwhelming the snow was. For this reason, they also shared videos of the situation and how it reached over six feet. The National Weather Service is in constant contact, announcing changes in the weather.


Photo: Twitter

Drifts of snow, in some places taller than most people, buried parts of western and northern New York as a lake-effect storm battered areas east of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for the third straight day on Saturday, with possibly even more to come, The Associated Press reported.

Snowfall of up to 77 inches (196 centimeters) was reported in the Buffalo suburb of Orchard Park, home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Halfway across the state, the town of Natural Bridge, near the Fort Drum military base, reported just under six feet (1.8 meters), the AP reported. The incredible images impressed people on social media.

Did the snow cover cars?

Did the snow cover cars?
Photo: Twitter

Internet users showed the ravages of the snowfall and how it reached an unimaginable height that turned it into an historic snowstorm. One photo shows how it completely covered a car and was nearly impossible to dig through.

“Digging is hard!” noted the Weather Buffalo account (@weather_buffalo), on Twitter. The photograph reveals the enormous snow from just one night. Experts had warned residents about the consequences of the snowfall and told communities to plan ahead and stay home.

Never seen before?

Never seen before?
Photo: Twitter

Snowfall in some places was among the highest ever recorded in the area, rivaling the impressive amounts that fell during similar storms in 2014 and 1945, The Associated Press reported. In another photo, you can see how nine beer cans are stacked showing how tall the snow drifts were.

«The only measuring device I need,» said Phil Thompson (@PhilThompson13) on Twitter. The beer cans are arranged in a perfect way to show how high the snow was.

Hard to dig out?

Buffalo Storm Images: Hard to dig?
Photo: Twitter

In two photographs shared by an internet user, he’s using a special shovel to remove snow from his roof. In the description, he pointed out that he was having difficulties due to the large amount of snow that had fallen. According to Forbes, in some parts of the country, the snow was up to six feet deep.

“I just spent an hour removing 1 yard of snow from the flat part of my roof. I’m really out of shape. I couldn’t even lift my arms and was basically rolling on the roof in the snow to get down,» said netizen Fergie (@fergi2479) on Twitter. Filed Under: Buffalo Storm Images

Historic images?

Buffalo Storm images: Historically?
Photo: Twitter

The snowfall totals, which began piling up Thursday night in some places, «would be on the order of record not just for any time of the year but for any part of the country,» said meteorologist Frank Pereira of the National Weather Service, at the NWS headquarters in College Park, Maryland, reported the AP.

The storm has caused road closures and flight cancellations in western New York state. Erie County (New York) Representative Mark Poloncarz said last night that at least two county residents died of cardiac events due to overexertion from removing the snow, indicated EFE. Filed Under: Buffalo Storm Images

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