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Experts say Halloween will be a cold and rainy night

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  • Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays.
  • People love dressing up in costumes.
  • Trick or treating could be ruined by stormy weather.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, a night when it is common to see children trick or treating. This holiday was born in Ireland and eventually spread to the United States and today this date carries a lot of weight in other parts of the world.

This year severe weather affected many US states, from snowfalls in the summer and strong electrical storms and hurricanes. Now meteorologists say that Halloween 2022 could be stormy.

Rain on Halloween!

Rains will impact on October 31!
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Threats of thunderstorms are hitting Texas and the South, rains are forecast through Saturday before spreading west and east by Sunday through Halloween. This season of stormy weather follows in the footsteps of a system that spawned a tornado in Jarrell, Texas on Monday night.

Fall is considered the second severe weather season of the year as it is the time when warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico begins to collide with cooler air that begins to infiltrate the United States from Canada as it leaves approaching winter.

Severe storm threat Saturday

Severe storm threat Saturday
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A few strong severe storms are possible on Saturday afternoon and evening for parts of southeastern Louisiana to southern Mississippi and extreme southwestern Alabama. This includes the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge in Louisiana and Biloxi and Gulfport in Mississippi.

In addition to any severe weather, heavy rain is expected to drench the Southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley through Friday night, then parts of the South, Midwest and East over the weekend and into Monday. Filed Under: Halloween Cold Rainy Night

Will it snow on Halloween?

Halloween cold rainy night: Will it snow on Halloween?
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Dr. Brian Brettschneider, an Alaska-based climatologist, mapped the historic probability of a ‘white Halloween’. According to Fox Weather, there must be at least one inch of snow on the ground on the morning of October 31 to call it a white Halloween.

Or, snow must accumulate at least 0.1 inches on that date. This is the same criteria used by the National Metereological Service of the United States to define a white Christmas.

Will there be a white Christmas instead?

Halloween cold rainy night: Will there also be a white Christmas?
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Parts of the Washington and Oregon Cascades, the Northern Plains, northern Minnesota, and the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan also have a 10% to 25% chance of a white Halloween so it is expected that only the temperature will drop.

This doesn’t have the same forecast for a white Christmas, but some parts of the US are actually more likely to see snow on Halloween each year. Much of the South has never recorded a white Halloween though this year’s odds are between 1% and 5% as far south as New Mexico and Texas.

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