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Jorge Salinas’ wife Elizabeth Álvarez, makes an announcement after his alleged infidelity (VIDEOS)

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  • Elizabeth Álvarez resurfaces after her husband’s alleged infidelity.
  • The compromising photographs that «exposed» the Mexican actor.
  • Jorge Salinas’ nutritionist speaks «her truth.»

Beautiful actress Elizabeth Álvarez has resurfaced after rumors of her husband’s, actor Jorge Salinas, alleged infidelity.

He was caught in a rather compromising position with his nutritionist.

The Mexican actress made an important announcement after rumors of her husband’s infidelity began to go viral on social media, monopolizing magazine covers and and trending in Mexico and Latin America.

Let’s see what she said!

What did Jorge Salinas do?

PHOTO: Twitter

TV Notas published some compromising photos where the actor can be seen looking very cozy with his nutritionist, Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo.

In the images we can see the Mexican actor standing very close to her.

In some photos it almost looks as though he is kissing her. However, although many people say that it is clear that the actor is being unfaithful to his wife, many others believe that the images were taken at an angle that could be misconstrued.

Primera Mano reported that the paparazzi who captured the actor assumed they had seen a kiss between the two. Filed Under: Elizabeth Alvarez makes announcement

Elizabeth Álvarez makes an announcement after her husband’s alleged infidelity

Elizabeth Álvarez gives announcement
PHOTO: Instagram

The Fuego en la Sangre star shared a photo on Instagram where she looks quite elegant and pretty.

However, it was not what many thought, since she did not talk about what is happening with her husband.

Instead, she announced that she is back, with more ‘energy’ than ever.

«I’m back after a few days off, I recharged my batteries to work very hard this coming year with everything, so with all the attitude to work,» wrote the beautiful actress, setting aside the rumors about her husband’s infidelity.

Fans say she deserves better!

Elizabeth Álvarez gives announcement
PHOTO: Instagram

In the comments, people did not miss the opportunity to remind Álvarez of the suspicious photos that have been published of her husband and his nutritionist.

«Woman, don’t let yourself fall.» «With your head held high because you are a beautiful lady.»

“Send it flying, you are beautiful and you are a hard worker. Better things will come, give yourself the opportunity to be, men like that never change.» «That nutritionist is coaxing it out of you.»

«Remember that you are the Ferrari my heaven.» «Goddess you deserve the best, a real woman.»

Jorge Salinas’ nutritionist breaks her silence

PHOTO: Twitter

On Siéntese Quien Pueda, actor Jorge Salinas’ nutritionist Anna Paula, exclusively released her first statements, in which she insisted there was nothing going on between herself and the actor.

«The relationship I’ve had with Jorge has been completely professional,” she began.

“He sometimes does not have time to go to the office for his medications and I am deliver them personally outside the facilities. There has not been more.

Unfortunately sometimes there are misunderstandings but that is what I would like to comment on,» the nutritionist said on the show. She also said that these photographs were taken at the end of 2022. Filed as: Elizabeth Álvarez makes announcement

To see the video of the alleged kiss click HERE.

To see the video of Jorge Salinas’ nutritionist click HERE.

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