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Direct payments that will arrive before Thanksgiving

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  • Find out what checks will arrive before Thanksgiving.
  • There are several states sending out money.
  • Direct payments help offset inflation.

There is good news for residents of the United States as relief from the effects of inflation is on its way. Find out what direct payments will arrive before Thanksgiving according to AS.

This year, inflation has not only hit government budgets hard, but also those of citizens themselves who have struggled to pay for school supplies, rent, mortgage and utilities. State and local governments are offering direct payments to help.


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One of the states that is ready to offer help to its residents is New York. At the end of October, New Yorkers who obtained the Empire State Child Credit and/or the Earned Income Credit for their 2021 taxes are on target to receive an average payment of $270.

However, in New Mexico it is estimated that many families will get checks of up to $400. But the receipt of this money will depend on availability of state funds. Here the lowest income applicants will be targeted. Checks by mail will be sent in the month of November. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Checks


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One of the biggest states in the country also has a generous payment for its residents. The state government has already given the green light to send the Middle Class Tax Refund of up to $1,050, one of the largest amounts. Payments were already issued in October and will continue until January 2023.

In turn, in Illinois, approximately 150 households in the city of Evanston will be able to obtain payments of $500 through the Universal Basic Income pilot program. Here the important thing is that it will be delivered every month for a year. Payments will start November 1, 2022. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Checks


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According to AS, in Hawaii the tax refund has already started being sent in September. However, the physical checks will not be sent by mail until the end of October. Residents who earned less than $100,000, or $200,000 in income, if they file jointly in 2021 will get a $300 refund on this year’s tax return.

But it should be noted that dependents are also eligible for reimbursement, so it is important that you be careful not to miss out on the aid, as this could solve many of your financial problems. Filed Under: Thanksgiving Checks

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