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More details about the kidnapping of the Americans in Mexico (PHOTOS)

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  • Authorities reveal how they found the Americans kidnapped in Mexico.
  • The governor says what they will do with the bodies.
  • One man has been arrested.

The governor of Tamaulipas held a press conference on Tuesday, March 7, in which he reported on the kidnapping of four US citizens. Hours earlier he confirmed in a call with president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that two of them had been found dead.

The incident shocked the country and provoked a strong response from the US and Mexican governments. Américo Villareal Anaya, governor of Tamaulipas, the state where Matamoros is located and where the kidnapping occurred on March 3, gave details of the search and rescue.

How they found US citizens

This is how they found US citizens
PHOTO Twitter

The official explained that multiple Mexican agencies participated in the operation that ended with the arrest of «José N», 24 years old. Apparently, the suspect was guarding the victims in a wooden house located in a place called La Lagunona in the ejido of El Tecolote.

In addition, the governor revealed that during the time that the four US citizens were kidnapped, they were taken to various locations to prevent them from being found. Latavia McGee and Eric Williams were found alive.

What Mexico will do with the bodies of those who were killed

They say what they will do with the bodies of the kidnapped citizens who did not survive
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Villareal said that Latavia McGee was unharmed and that Eric Williams had been shot at least once. The survivors were immediately transported to the US and that the bodies of the two murdered Americans will be handed over through the “repatriation protocols».

Apparently, the bodies would be handed over to the authorities in the United States after the Tamaulipas Forensic Medical Service performs autopsies

How the victims were found

They give details of how they found them.
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Authorities explained in detail how their investigation led to the discovery of the four Americans. A photograph of «José N» was also shown. He was found at the scene guarding the victims.

The detainee was already made available to the public prosecutor. The main lines of investigation suggest that the criminals ‘mistook’ the US citizens for other people.

The kidnapping coincided with other violent incidents

They give the details of the kidnapping of the Americans in Mexico (PHOTOS)
PHOTO Twitter

Authorities also said that there was no ransom and that the number of participants in the kidnapping had not been determined. The kidnapping coincided with other violent incidents that took place on Friday in Matamoros, according to The Associated Press.

A relative of one of the Americans said Monday that they had traveled together from South Carolina so that one of them could have a tummy tuck at a doctor in Matamoros. The president also criticized claims made by some conservative US politicians in favor of imposing tougher measures to combat Mexican cartels, for example, classifying them as terrorist organizations, reported AP.

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