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Daniella Navarro defends her ex after it was revealed he almost murdered several people

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  • Daniella Navarro defended her former partner.
  • What did he do?
  • Her ex was in jail

Venezuelan actress Daniella Navarro became one of the most controversial members of the second season of La Casa de los Famosos. She had the guts to face Niukra and accumulated fans who never thought anyone would go up against her.

As the actress revealed, she has a daughter, although little was known about her ex. Now incredible information about the man has come out. Apparently he has been in serious trouble and Navarro immediately came to his defense. What did the father of Daniella’s daughter do?

Who is Daniella’s ex?

Who is Daniella's ex-partner?
PHOTO: Instagram

Ugueth Urbina is a former baseball player who was in Major League Baseball for 11 years. He played with the Montreal Expos (1995-2001), the Boston Red Sox (2001-02), the Texas Rangers (2003), the Florida Marlins (2003), the Detroit Tigers (2004-2005), and the Philadelphia Phillies. (2005). In the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League he belonged to the Leones del Caracas.

Controversy, however, tarnished his career. In 2004 he was arrested in Caracas after firing shots into the air from a vehicle on the Francisco Fajardo highway. He was under the influence of alcohol and did not have a license to carry weapons. FILED UNDER: Daniella Navarro Defends

He was accused of almost killing several people

He was accused of almost murdering someone
PHOTO: Instagram

However, Ugueth Urbina’s career ended when he was involved in an attempted murder. On March 27, 2007, he was sentenced to 14 years and 4 months in prison for injuring and burning seven people on October 15, 2005 at his farm in Valles del Tuy.

He was found guilty of attempted murder. Urbina was sued for beating, threatening and spraying seven of his employees with gasoline and other flammable substances after learning that the night of a party, several of his things had been lost, including a gun.

What did Daniella do?

Daniella Navarro defends: What did Daniella do?
PHOTO: Instagram

Daniella and Ugueth Urbina crossed paths in 2013, while she was taping the Telemundo soap opera Marido en renta in Miami. He lived in Venezuela and had been out of prison for a year. The actress said the attraction was immediate, despite the fact that the former baseball player was 10 years older than her.

Both decided to bet on their love and build a life together. In 2016 they had a daughter, Uguella Urbina, and they did not hesitate to share their happiness with their families through social media. Finally, the love story ended in 2019, when the actress announced their break up and said there was no third party involved, according to People en Español. FILED UNDER: Daniella Navarro Defends

She stands up for Ugueth Urbina

Daniella Navarro defends: She does not hesitate to advocate for him
PHOTO: Instagram

«There is no ex-dad or ex-mom, this was the man I chose as my daughter’s father and our differences as adults can never interfere with that,» said the actress in 2020 according to People en Español.

“Thank you for being the father you are with my daughter, thank you for so much love, thank you for understanding and respecting me, but above all, thank you for going hand in hand with respect and abundant love for our daughter where our priority is to give her a beautiful home as she has it,” Daniella wrote on social media. FILED UNDER: Daniella Navarro Defends

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