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Christian Estrada is released after being arrested for ‘kidnapping’ his son

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  • Christian Estrada was arrested after being accused of kidnapping his son.
  • Ferka collapsed after her baby was taken from her.
  • What will happen to the little one?

In recent days, actors Christian Estrada and Ferka have been involved in a major controversy after he was caught on camera committing the worst of crimes.

The stars have been arguing over their son. What has been happening?

Ferka has become one more celebrity who filed a domestic violence complaint against their partner.

The TV star took legal action against her ex, Christian Estrada, whom she accused of forcibly taking her son from her.

What has been going on with the couple?

What has been going on with the couple?
PHOTO: Twitter

The case of María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, caused a stir on social media last weekend when videos were shared showing the moment in which the actress collapsed in tears.

Christian Estrada took their son away after a meeting they had in a shopping center in Mexico City.

After Ferka’s complaint, Christian Estrada was arrested.

His legal troubles don’t stop there, because, according to media reports, the actor was transferred to the Reclusorio Oriente in Mexico City.

Ferka wanted to talk to her son’s father

Ferka wanted to talk to the father of his son

PHOTO: Twitter

Visibly affected, the actress and current star of Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy was caught on video by several people who were in the CDMX shopping plaza where Estrada allegedly abducted their child.

According to Ferka, she had an appointment with her son’s father in a shopping mall in Colonia Del Valle in Mexico City.

This was so that Estrada could see his son.

However, she says that her ex-partner «trapped» her along with a man who was allegedly his lawyer and who physically assaulted her after taking her son from her.

Christian Estrada is released after his arrest

Christian Estrada is released: Ferka fainted
PHOTO: Twitter

«I am considering an ambush, with a fake lawyer, where the lawyer, Alan, who I know is called Alan, physically assaulted me. There are videos of the mall, I have witnesses, several women were present…» Ferka said in a video on Twitter.

Videos quickly began to circulate on social media where desperate Ferka is seen asking the authorities for help after Christian Estrada fled with little Leonel.

They even claim that the actress fainted out of despair.

Christian Estrada is released

Christian Estrada is released
PHOTO: Instagram

On November 28, Estrada was released after he was detained at the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office and it is said that he could be transferred to the eastern prison in the same city.

According to El Heraldo de Mexico, he will surely be brought before a judge.

Christian  covered his face as he left.

“If he already came out like this, it’s already more than obvious that they’re not going to transfer him to the prison!! He will surely go through the process in freedom,” said someone on social media.

«With all due respect why do they have children to end up fighting for them like this.»

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