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Chinese livestreamer dies after chugging 7 bottles of liquor for drinking challenge

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  • A Chines livestreamer dies after drinking 7 bottles of alcohol.
  • 34-year-old influencer Brother Three Thousand was found in his home.
  • He was popular for his drinking challenges.

Influencer dies after chugging 7 bottles of liquor. Dangerous challenges are very popular on social media. Various TikTok challenges have caused serious accidents and some have even had catastrophic outcomes. This time is no exception.

An livestreamer in China made the worst decision of his life, as he decided to complete a drinking challenge which cost him his life. Twelve hours after chugging seven bottles of liquor he was found dead in his home.

Brother Three Thousand dies after drinking 7 bottles of liquor

Influencer dies after drinking a full bottle of liquor


The incident occurred in Lianyungang, China, where an influencer who called himself Brother Three Thousand made the worst decision of his life, by completing a drinking challenge.

The young man recorded himself drinking seven bottles of alcohol. According to El Heraldo de Mexico, he drank Baijiu, which has 60% alcohol.

He lost a challenge with his followers


Excelsior indicated that the influencer’s name is Wang Moufeng and this challenge was broadcast through China’s version of TikTok, Douyin. According to El Heraldo, he sets the drink on fire so that people can see it’s 100% real.

Brother Three Thousand was competing with fellow influencers to earn gifts from fans in a specified time period. He lost several rounds and wound up drinking at least seven bottles of Baijiu. El Heraldo reported that relatives of 34-year-old Wang Moufeng arrived at his apartment the following afternoon and found him dead.

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