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Anahí and her husband Manuel Velasco turn up the heat at the gym (VIDEO)

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  • Anahí and her husband, politician Manuel Velasco, unleash their passion.
  • They turn up the heat at the gym in a video.
  • The governor of Chiapas was immediately criticized.

When Anahí married Manuel Velasco, governor of Chiapas, Mexico, they were highly criticized due to rumors that the politician liked men and she was by his side for appearances. However, all that has been dissipating over the years, especially with the arrival of the couple’s children.

So much so, that in a recent video of the governor of Chiapas he his love for the former member of RBD by appearing with her in a surprising video. They’re working out at what appears to be the private gym in their house and it was ‘hot’.

Anahí shares  her romantic side with husband Manuel Velasco

Anahí and her husband in the gym

On the Instagram accounts of Anahí and her husband Manuel Velasco, it is common to see photos and videos of their personal lives. However, there are few occasions in which the former RBD member shares evidence of her relationship with her husband, until in a recent video, the actress and singer made an unexpected appearance.

Outlets like TvNotas pointed out that the flame of passion between Anahí and Manuel Velasco is more than lit and that in the politician’s most recent videos where he shows how disciplined he is about his physical appearance, his famous wife spoils him with kisses and cuddles.

The flame of passion is more than lit

fiery in exercise

While Anahí is more cautious when she shares content on Instagram, Manuel Velasco cares little about what people think of him, even though he is governor of Chiapas. The most recent proof of this is the video where he appears shirtless, showing off his defined abs and wearing neon shorts to work out.

But what nobody expected in that footage is that Anahí would suddenly surprise him, appearing and starting to dance reggaeton with him, while wearing tight leggings, a sexy black top showing off her toned abs. Then they really turned up the heat.

Anahí and her husband get «very intense»

Anahí and Manuel Velasco very hot

Anahí and her husband Manuel Velasco share caresses, hugs, dances and a passionate kiss. Her followers are not used to scenes like this because, although they profess their love for each other, it is strange for them to so affectionate in public.

In a part of the video, Manuel Velasco gets close to Anahí to give her a second kiss and she turns around and touches his cheek. However, there were people who «praised» their love and above all their discipline to workout together.

Do people question the couple’s love for each other?

The former RBD empowered

The comments on the couple’s video ran the gamut from criticism to support: «What a strange kiss.» «And then the face she makes.» «The light of our lives, thank you Manuel for making her so happy!» “As natural as the light of your relationship.” “I love how in love they are.” “Natural as the light of day.”

«Anahí is magic, she’s light, she’s life, she’s everything!» «So good to see you happy, I feel immensely happy for you, I love you.» «I’m dying, how nice to see them like this.» «Precious you deserve to have a man who loves you and values ​​you.” “She’s charming and she knows it!!!” “I really like you but look how happy Anahi is with you!” “beautiful and her little face of happiness and discomfort for the camera and the kiss,” wrote more people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ANAHÍ AND HER HUSBAND

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