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Nodal’s friend who offended Belinda apologizes (VIDEO)

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  • Nodal’s friend shows his face and apologizes to Belinda and her fans.
  • Did Nodal say anything about this? He’s harshly criticized.
  • They sparked controversy when they insulted the singer.

Nodal’s friend apologizes. A week ago, some videos of Christian Nodal came to light, where he was seen having a good time with his friends and having a couple of drinks in Guadalajara. Everyone was happy and the singer was performing some songs with his friends.

However, the controversy began when one of Nodal’s friends shouted a profanity about Belinda. At that point Nodal froze, but did nothing about it, instead laughing with his friend. Now, he has decided to apologize but it didn’t go very well….

Netizens criticize Nodal harshly because of his friend?

Nodal's friend apologizes
PHOTO: Instagram

As a result of the fact that the video went viral, criticism rained down on the Botella tras botella singer, as well as on his supposed friend, since people weren’t pleased by their terrible behavior.

It should be noted that at the time this happened, there were more friends of Nodal’s who were also celebrating with him, but this specific man (whose name has not been revealed), was the one who mentioned the Spanish-Mexican singer. Filed Under: Nodal’s friend apologizes

Nodal’s friend offers an ‘apology’

Nodal's friend apologizes
PHOTO: Instagram

In a video shared by Despierta América’s Instagram account, you can see how the supposed friend of the Mexican singer apologizes. However, he finds a way to justify his rudeness to Belinda. “Christian Nodal did nothing when I said what I said. There is nothing between them, it’s already forgotten, they have already overcome it,” he said.

“What I said doesn’t matter, because that’s how we are in Bohemia, I’m not mad at Belinda, I don’t have a reason to meddle, it was just the alcohol. If I were really mad, I would say it here, but no, don’t get hooked. And to those who don’t think as I do, well, I apologize on behalf of all women, I come from a woman and I would be incapable of offending a woman,” said Nodal’s friend. Filed Under: Nodal’s friend apologizes

Nodal’s friend explains what happened

PHOTO: Getty Images

On the other hand, Nodal’s friend explained why they were together, as he said that they had not seen each other for a long time and that it was a pleasure to see each other again. He also remarked that the Adiós Amor singer is a “good boy” and that he didn’t say anything about his insult to Belinda.

“We all want to receive attention, truth be told, and Christian didn’t say anything because there’s nothing going on between them. I know him well, I had not seen him for five years and he went to visit me at work and we were happy, we remembered many things, he’s a good lad, and I apologize to Belinda and all her fans,” he said. Filed Under: Nodal’s friend apologizes

What do people think?

PHOTO: Instagram

Since the video in which Nodal’s friend said: “Fu&% Belinda!” came out, the singer’s ex and his friend received many negative comments, because Nodal simply laughed and he didn’t reprimand him as many expected him to.

People weighed in: “Let’s see, he offends Belinda but he says that he would not offend a woman, these people.” “So in the Bohemians you go to offend people? And also his excuse is that he was drunk.” “Let him be reported.” “You should control that tongue sir.” “He wants fame.” “This man’s mother did not teach him respect towards others, and he justifies himself by saying that he was drunk”, among many others.(CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO). Filed Under: Nodal’s friend apologizes

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