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What happens if I lose my green card?

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You can spend years waiting for your green card and lose it in an instant — either due to it being damaged, stolen or because you simply misplaced it. If this is happens to you, there’s a solution!

According to the Citizenship and Immigration Service, USCIS, when a person loses their permanent residence, or green, card or has a problem with the information on it, the first thing they should do is contact the immigration authorities and start the replacement process. Find out how to do it successfully!

If your green card is lost outside the United States

A US flag along with a hammer as an idea of residence

If you accidentally lose a green card outside of the United States, you will need to get a replacement before re-entering the country, which could take some time. This is something that people should take into account, since they must first fill out the I-90 form and pay the corresponding fee for this application.

If your permanent resident card is stolen outside the United States, the holder will be obliged to call the authorities to obtain a police report. Afterwards, they will need to contact the nearest US Embassy to complete the corresponding procedures, which also include paying a fee and submitting an I-90 form.

How to request a replacement


Legal, permanent or conditional residents can get a replacement for their green card if they lose it, as long as they meet the requirements. This includes submitting the I-90 form and paying a fee. After this, they will be able to continue their process by email and by telephone.

In all cases, you will receive notification as soon as your case has been resolved. If this decision is not favorable, you may request an appeal in which your situation will be reviewed in detail. Although the decision is usually final, residents have the right that their case be reopened or appealed.

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