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Low-income immigrants in California can get a green card for free

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  • Eligible low-income immigrants from California can obtain a green card.
  • The process will be completely free.
  • Only some will be eligible.

Low-income immigrants in California who are eligible can get a green card at no cost according to La opinion and Telemundo. This is a new opportunity for undocumented people who live in the United States.

This could help many immigrants who are in that state and it is completely free. The program is designed for all citizens who do not have the resources to pay for this type of process and many will be able to take advantage of it.


California green card immigrants

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Although this is a good opportunity, many people believe that obtaining United States citizenship means they have to relinquish theirs. The truth is that this will not happen. “They must not think that they lose their nationality. They are still Mexican. When they want to be Mexican, they are Mexican; and when they want to be Americans, they are Americans. As immigrants, being a citizen is a great power,” director of Todec Legal Center, Luz Gallegos said.

That is why this is a great opportunity that may allow may to achieve what they have always wanted. It is important that immigrants are aware of all the benefits that this could give them.



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Estela Osorio was able to get her green card after living in the United States for 27 years through this program. “I applied and I’m going to become a citizen,” Osorio told Telemundo.

Luz Gallegos, said the following about this California program: «We have this project that helps with all the free legal assistance for eligible permanent residents who qualify, but we also have funds to pay the $725 (processing fees).” Filed under: Immigrants California green card



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A few days ago, the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, asked the US federal government for funds to deal with the overwhelming arrival of thousands of migrants, many of them from Latin America, who are being bused to New York from states such as Texas or Arizona and ending up in homeless shelters.

Adams said in a statement that the city’s homeless shelters do not have enough resources to house as many migrants and therefore require additional budget from Washington to be able to offer accommodations to new arrivals. “In order to fulfill its mandate to serve as a city of refuge and to provide high-quality shelter and services to those who enter our system, New York needs additional federal resources immediately,” Adams wrote. Filed Under: California Green Card Immigrants

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