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Anahí dazzles with her tiny waist at her friend Maite Perroni’s wedding (PHOTOS)

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Anahí, Maite Perroni
  • Anahí dazzled those attending Maite Perroni’s wedding.
  • The former RBD members met again without Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera.
  • Everyone was talking about Anahí’s waist.

This weekend former RBD member Maite Perroni finally got married. Her wedding was attended by various personalities from show business, including her former bandmates. However, without a doubt, it was Anahí who dazzled everyone, not only when she was dancing and singing Rebelde hits with the bride, but also because of how she looked.

It turns out that the wedding took place at sunset, so many weren’t as dressed up as one would expect for an event like this. However, with their status as ‘stars’ it was more than enough for Maite Perroni’s wedding to stand out along with her guests.

Anahí reunited with her former RBD bandmates

Maite Perroni wedding
Instagram: Language TeVe

Anahí took many photos with her friends. One shows her looking very happy for newlywed Maite Perroni while they were at the party that was also attended by Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, who have aged well and look much better than Alfonso Herrera and Dulce María, who currently look a but older.

While Christopher and Christian chose to wear matching royal blue suits, Anahí wore a black dress with a pink on the skirt. However, it was her tiny waist that really caught  people’s attention, who compared it with Thalia.

What do people think about how Anahí looked at her friend’s wedding?

Anahí captivates with her figure

On El Gordo y la Flaca shared photos of Anahí at Maite Perroni’s on Instagram and people reacted to the appearance of the former RBD member and even of the bride: «Wow Anahí’s waist» «Thalia is no longer the Mexican artist with the tiniest waist.» «We all agree that Anahí became very pretty and Christopher quite the opposite.» «She took the throne from Thalia.» «Anahí is more beautiful than Belinda.”

More people commented: “How many ribs did that girl remove?” “Anahi’s face was very stiff. So young to look like this.” “Anahí’s mini waist.” “I want her waist.” “Anahí is very operated.” “Is her artist’s waist real? Well, to me she looks like a catrina: unusual, but in these times we have to say ok, otherwise you’re imprisoned.” “Can she breathe?”

Did Anahí outshine the other celebrities at Maite Perroni’s wedding?

Former RBD reunited

At 39 years old, Anahí looks spectacular and younger than some of her colleagues like Angelique Boyer, Marimar Vega and the star of the wedding Marie Perroni? Apparently that’s what people think, as they didn’t hesitate to praise her for looking so good one year before reaching her fourth decade.

“Anahi my impossible lover.” “The women had more success.” “Wow how handsome they look.” “Anahi gets prettier every day.” “She looks strange on her face.” “Angelique Boyer is still everyone’s friend apparently,” can be read in the comments of the photograph.

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