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Two men who disappeared in Colorado are found dead

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  • Maikel Yosniel Romero Aranguren and Anthony Montañés were last seen leaving a nightclub.
  • Family confirms the tragedy.
  • What happened to the two men.

Relatives of Maikel Yosniel Romero Aranguren, 25, and Anthony Montañés were desperate. The two had been missing since Saturday, January 28. On Tuesday, relatives of one of the young men confirmed that they were found dead.

The two were last seen leaving Potreros Night Club and heading to the apartment where Romero lived, according to a relative of the young people who contacted me.

The two friends were found dead

“Antony died at the moment of impact, but Maikel was alive until they took him to a hospital and he died…. He was the only thing I had here,» Fabian Ibáñez, Antony’s girlfriend told our reporter Carlos Moreno.

Denver police are investigating the deadly two-vehicle crash that killed both men on Sunday morning.

“I am sorry to report that my son lost his life”

“I am sorry to report that my son lost his life in an accident. Thanks to all the people who posted the search,” Antony Montañes, father of one of the victims, wrote on social media.

The accident occurred around 7 am at the intersection of South Dayton Street and East Alameda in the southeast area of ​​the city. Police said the driver and passenger were killed in the accident. This is developing news. We are contacting the local police for more details.

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