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Tiffany Trump wore a beautiful wedding dress but someone else stole the show

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Tiffany Trump Ivanka Trump
  • Did Ivanka Trump ruin her sister’s big day?
  • Tiffany wore a beautiful dress.
  • What happened at Tiffany Trump’s wedding?

Finally, on November 12, Tiffany Trump’s extravagant wedding took place. After the passage of tropical storm Nicole, the weather seemed to improve in Florida and the family of the former President of the United States was able to celebrate the marriage of his youngest daughter.

Apparently, Tiffany had been stressed out, worrying that bad weather might ruin her big day. But the celebration did take place at Mar-a-Lago where she married 25-year-old Michael Boulos, her boyfriend of four years. Tiffany wore a beautiful dress.

Tiffany’s beautiful dress!

Tiffany's beautiful dress!

Tiffany Trump looked stunning in a sequined and beaded wedding dress. With sheer long sleeves, her blonde hair styled in elegant waves, enhanced by diamond and pearl drop earrings, the bride couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

Her father seemed angry at the wedding rehearsal and it seemed that he was not enjoying the moment. Donald Trump reappeared after the results of the United States midterm elections where the Republican party did not do very well.

Donald Trump angry?

Angry Donald Trump?

In the photos that have been released of Donald Trump escorting his daughter at what appears to be Tiffany’s wedding rehearsal, the businessman can be seen looking very serious. Was he not happy for his youngest daughter; did the election affect him that much?

«The night turned sour, he disappeared without saying goodbye to anyone,» a source told the New York Post. A second source told the Post on Friday that Trump’s mood is still dark after the GOP’s disappointing performance in the midterm elections.

Did Ivanka steal the show?

Tiffany Trump wedding dress: Ivanka stole the show?
PHOTO: Twitter

Her dress was beautiful and Tiffany looked like a princess, but her half-sister Ivanka Trump seemed to steal the show because, on social media, people were talking more about the businesswoman’s bridesmaid gown. Will this spark tension between the two?

«Ivanka steals the show every time, her blue dress is impressive, I want it,» commented a Twitter user upon seeing her vintage-inspired concoction. “I must admit she’s beautiful and I love her dress… Ivanka looks great too.”

Tiffany Trump looked like a princess

PHOTO: Twitter

“Now she’s beginning to look more like her beautiful mother (Marla).” Tiffany received a compliment from another user, referring to the fact that she bears a strong resemblance to one of the women who was married to Donald Trump.

«Wow! What an elegant and exquisite dress! The bride looked beautiful.” “She looks stunning. I love her dress.” “Her dress is absolutely beautiful… she has never looked better.” “So much plastic surgery it is difficult to see something real.” With information from Daily Mail, Variety and CNN.

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