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Teen pregnancy: 7 things you should tell your daughter so it does NOT happen

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  • Data from the World Health Organization, the age range of teenage pregnancies ranges from 10 to 19 years.
  • An early pregnancy can generate problems physical, psychological and social.
  • The best method of birth control for a teenager is abstinence. However, if you want to start your sex life it is recommended to use barrier contraceptives.

An adolescent pregnancy or also called precocious pregnancy, is one that occurs in women who are in puberty, generally between 10 to 19 years, according to data from the World Health Organization.

An adolescent pregnancy can be risky, because at this stage the woman’s body is still developing and undergoes various hormonal changes, to which would be added the changes typical of a pregnancy. Although the woman is already fertile, her body may still be unprepared to expect a baby.

Dealing with the issue of sexuality with our children is of the utmost importance, especially if they are about to enter adolescence. Therefore the portal Take care of yourself Plus, edited by Editorial Unit of Magazines with the endorsement of the Medical Journal and Pharmaceutical Mail, recommends trying 7 things about early pregnancy with your daughter so that it doesn’t happen.

Teenage pregnancy


1.- Personal decision

The first thing you should talk to your daughter about is that having sex is a very personal and free decision. That is, no one can pressure her to have them. Deciding to start a sexual life must be a thoughtful and responsible decision, since it is about our body and we must have respect for it. Having sex is not a game.

2.- Use of condoms

If your teenage daughter has decided to start her sexual life, it is essential to use condoms or some other contraceptive method. In the case of condoms, they are a barrier contraceptive that not only prevents early pregnancy but also the transmission of sexual diseases.

3.- Physical problems

A pregnancy at a young age can generate various types of physical problems in the woman’s body. For example, anemia, cephalopelvic disproportion (this occurs due to the lack of development in the body of an adolescent that is still in process and therefore, her pelvis is very narrow. This problem can generate a great risk in childbirth) and pain during pregnancy.

5.- Painful and risky delivery

As mentioned before, a teenager’s body is not yet 100% developed and a pregnancy could lead to many complications. Similarly, the time of delivery can be very risky and painful. The delivery of an adolescent can be very long, cause abundant infections and obstetric problems.

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6.- Psychological and social problems

Having a child requires a lot of mental maturity, which in an adolescent can be very complicated, since they are still in a process of personal discovery. Your daughter should know that by having a baby, she will not only have to take care of herself but a new life. To which she will have to care for, educate, feed, maintain, etc. An early pregnancy plus a painful delivery can trigger psychological disorders such as depression or rejection of the baby.

Teenage pregnancy


7.- Economy

Keeping a baby requires a stable economy to be able to cover expenses such as food, personal care products, clothing, medical consultations, among others. Your daughter should know that to have a child, it would be her responsibility and not her parents (grandparents). For this reason, it is likely that you would have to choose between continuing to study or working or, failing that, doing both at the same time.

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