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Angelic names for your baby with the initial «D»

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  • I am pregnant and I don’t know how to choose my baby’s name, how do I do it?
  • Angel names for your baby that begin with the letter «D»
  • Choose the perfect name for your baby!

Are you expecting a baby and still don’t know what Name are you going to put it? Do not worry! There are many options that will give you a break in the search for the ideal name for your baby; The most important thing is to take a break and find a moment of peace before reading the options, since in them you will be able to find the ideal name for your child. Here we give you a list of names with D for your baby.

Although there are currently a wide variety of options, a good idea is to go back and observe the meaning of some of these names, since many times they contain characteristics and secrets that little by little they will reveal the personality and identity of your child.

Names with D

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The first on the list of these names with D is Dai. This is a short name, but with a shocking presence. It’s easy to pronounce, and your child won’t have any trouble spelling it out. Dai is one of the angels that make up the Choir of Powers; It means “revered” and the people who bear this name tend to have characteristics such as communication and an interest in exploring the world, as well as having a great talent for multitasking.


This is one of the classic names that have passed from generation to generation; of unparalleled elegance, the name Daniel refers to one of the angels of the Choir of Principalities, and means «God is my judge», «God is just» or «Divine Justice»; They are friendly, sociable people and generally have a good character. They are generous and care about their family, but also about people in need and everyone around them.

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It refers to one of the guardian angels of Law and wisdom, a resident of the seventh heaven. It comes from the words «judge» and «justice», and if you choose this name you will surely find that your daughter will grow up to be a happy, friendly person and attached to his family. Independent, yet organized, Dina will be known for being a cheerful and fun person who brightens the lives of the people around her.

names with E


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This is a classic name, but little used. Do not hesitate to choose this name, since its meaning indicates a «dearly loved» person who will surely grow to be an idealist, a perfectionist and in constant search of excellence, not only in others, but in himself.


angels without sex

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One of the angels that represents pride. It means «bear of God», and they are introspective people, perfectionists and in constant search of personal improvement, although this can cause a state of self-centeredness from which it is often difficult for them to get out. This name indicates a great self-esteem, a high self-esteem that will make your child stand out from the rest.

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