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5 reasons why it is good to swim during pregnancy

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  • What are the benefits of swimming during pregnancy?
  • Low-impact exercise may be the key to relieving the most common symptoms of pregnancy. 
  • Know the benefits of swimming for babies and pregnant women.

For years, it was believed that swimming during pregnancy was harmful to expectant moms and their unborn babies, but science has advanced and today doctors recommend doing this activity during pregnancy.

Among the benefits of swimming during pregnancy is not only achieving better physical health for the mother and the baby, it can also improve mental health as both mother and child benefit greatly from swimming on a regular basis. Learn about the benefits of swimming during pregnancy!

5. It helps to reduce some pregnancy symptoms

Belly of a woman who is pregnant

For some women, pregnancy brings with it a number of unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. In studies with pregnant women who swim, it has been found that they have reported an improvement in their physical condition, feeling less tired and nauseated after swimming.

The simple act of entering the water contributes to a feeling of relaxation, but another benefit of swimming is that this activity increases energy and helping moms-to-be get through their daily activities.

4. Swimming during pregnancy reduces back pain

A girl who swims while pregnant

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of swimming is that it’s a low-impact physical activity that keeps muscles and joints in good condition. One of the advantages of swimming is the that it reduces back pain and other aches, especially in the last trimesters.

Swimming helps to exercise practically every part of your body and that is why it is recommended start slowly and gradually increase the intensity with the advice of the doctor. In addition to strengthening the muscles, it will relieve ligament pain and possible back spasms that develop during pregnancy.

3. It can make labor easier


As you know, swimming is an aerobic activity which helps you focus on breathing. For pregnant women it’s not only a recreational activity, but also increase the possibility of having an easier delivery.

Studies with pregnant women have shown that swimming could be of great help in reducing the length of labor and the risks of possible complications that could endanger the life of the mother and baby.

2. It’s good for the baby

Woman in medical consultation for pregnancy

Did you know this benefit of swimming during pregnancy? According to scientific studies, it helps develop the baby’s neurological system and, although supporting studies are still lacking, this is undoubtedly good news for pregnant women.

The goal is improving the well-being of the baby and the mother but it’s important to consult with your doctor and to avoid overdoing it.

1. Helps maintain weight during pregnancy


One of the main concerns of many mothers during pregnancy is finding a physical activity that allows them to feel comfortable and, at the same time, helps them maintain an ideal weight according to the stage of pregnancy and their personal characteristics.

Finding a comfortable physical activity can be difficult, but swimming is one of the best options to burn calories, relieve pregnancy symptoms and maintain an optimal weight that reduces the risk of possible complications during childbirth and postpartum.

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