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Police officers surprise a child with a gift and you won’t believe it!

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FOTO: Captura vídeo ViralHog
  • The little boy was surprised.
  • It was a noble gesture.
  • Police showing their softer side.

A heartwarming video on ViralHog has begun to go viral around the world. The video shows a touching moment when a group of police officers surprise a child with a gift. They never imagined the response they would get.

Hundreds of users have decided to share this moment, offering comments of admiration and respect for these officers. They are being congratulated for being some of the few police officers who still work with their hearts.

Police surprise a child with a gift

Police surprise a child with a gift
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

In the first seconds of the video from the home’s doorbell camera, you can see three police patrol cars arriving on the scene, as well as a group of officers who come to the door. Anyone would have thought that it was a dangerous situation.

However, they had good intentions, since they had planned to visit the little boy who lived in that house and give him a surprise that he will undoubtedly never forget. It will also undoubtedly remain in the hearts of these police officers.

The officers gave him a gift

They gave him a gift
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

In the video you can see how the policemen had everything planned to surprise this little boy. One of them was excitedly carrying a toy patrol car, ideal for a child who sees these public servants as heroes.

Seconds later, after knocking on the door, the mother of the child they were about to surprise comes out. The police ask her to please go get him, because they had something very special planned to make their little friend happy.

They talked with the little boy

They talked
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Carried in his mother’s arms, the boy comes out looking excited and graciously accepts the toy that one of the officers offers him. He begins examining it and doesn’t want to put it down. Then he thanks the police officers for the gift they had just given him.

As if he were an old friend, the officers settled down to talk with the boy. They asked him if he liked his surprise and the little boy excitedly said yes. Then they continued talking for a couple more minutes and affectionately hugged him and tousled his hair.

The officers said goodbye with their sirens

Mermaids for the little one
PHOTO: ViralHog video capture

Finally, after spending some time together, the officers had to return to their jobs keeping the city safe and peaceful. So they all said goodbye to the little boy and he thanked them again.

Before leaving, this group of policemen wanted to make the moment truly memorable for this child and together the patrol cars began to sound their sirens and flash their lights as he happily and gratefully said goodbye to them.

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