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Everyone is still talking about Niurka leaving «La Casa de Los Famosos»

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  • Is Niurka unhappy about leaving La Casa de Los Famosos?
  • Niurka continues to be on everyone’s lips after her elimination from the reality show.
  • The Cuban dancer and actress gives a surprise press conference.

«Now the show is super boring.» Hours after her departure from La Casa de los Famosos 2, a popular Telemundo reality show that has had great success in just over a month on the air, the Cuban dancer and actress Niurka Marcos is speaking out.

The so-called ‘Mamá Niu’ gave a surprise press conference at a prestigious hotel in Mexico City. Earlier, she had given a revealing interview where she confessed that she had a relationship with Juan Vidal. She even confirmed that their romance is real and that she will wait for him to come out of the house.

What did Niurka Marcos say at her press conference?

What did Niurka Marcos say at this press conference?
instagram photo

On her official Instagram account, where she’s close to reaching 2 million followers, Niurka shared a video where you can see a fragment of the press conference that she gave hours after her controversial departure from La Casa de los Famosos. What did she say?

“I know that I say rude things and that I send everyone to hell … but they provoked me. That is how it has always been and it will not change, not because I planned it, because it’s my strategy, it’s because I’m like that. Who entered La Casa de los Famosos? Niurka Marcos, that’s it,” said the star, who said that she didn’t have a strategy before appearing on the reality show.

“If you pay me with love, I treat you with love”

"If you pay me with love, I treat you with love": Niurka
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Without taking a break, or going into more detail, the Cuban dancer and actress said that ‘asking is giving’ and that those who paid her with love, she treated with love. But if they treated her badly, it was that person’s problem: «I entered La Casa de los Famosos focused on playing and giving them a good show so that they’d be happy with my work.»

“Information manipulation is a double-edged sword and it is very dangerous, too dangerous, so dangerous that at this moment I am here talking to the press. And just as they used only negative material that was selected and they gave the microphone to their hosts, who according to the meeting I had yesterday with the executives of Endemol and Telemundo, don’t manipulate anything. Of course they manipulate, they have control over absolutely everything,” declared Niurka Marcos in her unique style.

She says that they treat them like «little children» on La Casa de los Famosos

He says that in La Casa de los Famosos they treat them like "little children"
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Despite acknowledging that the participants are on La Casa de los Famosos of their own free will, Niurka revealed that they are treated like “little children”. “All the time they tell us what can and cannot be done and they are recording everything, 24/7. They lie, it’s not 24/7, there are times when they have empty and frozen stages recording.”

“And there is content, that we as talents, that we are in there breaking our backs, we are interested in the audience seeing it because that is why we’re there and they didn’t show it. They told me out there in the comments that one of them had said to offer a public apology…,” concluded the star. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

Fans agree with Niurka

They agree with Niurka
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It didn’t take long for fans of «Mamá Niu» to agree with her accusations against the production of La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo’s reality show. «That’s true, it’s not 24/7, because they freeze the image, that is not true with what they say, you are right mom Niu.”

«It’s true, they only talked about her and Juan and always in bad terms.» «What none of those who came out have been able to achieve. Mama Niu is the best, La Casa de los Famosos made a big mistake.” “Niurka is Niurka, what did they want? She’s so strong-willed. And that’s how she wants her public. Niurka shouldn’t have come out. Now the program is super boring,” can be read in the comments.

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