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5 places to buy cheap Halloween candy

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  • Trick-or-treating? Get ready to celebrate Halloween with the cheapest candy!
  • Get the best prices on sweets by visiting outlets and shopping online.
  • Find out how to make your Halloween a success.

Get the cheapest candy for your Halloween party! One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is approaching and one of the most deeply rooted customs this time of year is trick-or-treating, a special evening when children and adults go from house to house to collect sweets. Do you know where to find the cheapest Halloween candy?

If what you want is to surprise your trick-or-treaters with the best treats, but you don’t want to spend a lot, we’ve got five sure-fire options to get the most out of your budget and become everyone’s favorite neighbor.

5. Target

Halloween sweets for kids

Target is one of the best places to find good Halloween candy at affordable prices, as they have a special section for Halloween where some brands are priced at $5 and even less!

In addition, you will not only find the most popular candies, you will also be able to buy decorations on clearance, which will ensure you have the most popular Halloween party in the entire neighborhood.

4. Candy at Walmart


On Halloween, the last thing you want is to run out of candy, as children excitedly go from house to house to get the best treats. Therefore, we recommend you visit Walmart, in person or online, since you will find a wide variety at affordable prices.

An advantage of shopping at Walmart, in addition to the low prices, is that you will find all kinds of bulk assortments of popular fun size candy bars.

3. Sweets at Party City

Sweets along with pumpkin bag on the floor

Get ready for your Halloween party where parties are their specialty: Party City. It’s a store that has everything so that you can be the host of the year and all your guests will be amazed with your decorations and variety of sweets.

In Party City you can take advantage of special Halloween candy packages, as well as goodie bags for distributing them and costumes of all kinds to create an eerie atmosphere.

2. Goodies on Amazon


The e-commerce giant cannot be left behind on Halloween, and that is why it has set aside a couple of days with special discounts for Prime subscribers who wish to order one or more packages of candy before the holiday. However, it is important to verify that you are buying directly from the manufacturer and not from a reseller.

This is because the price can vary and because the packaging process is not held to the same standards as a well-known brand. At this store, you’ll find packages of 250 small candies starting at $18.

1. Sam’s Club

Vampire shaped sweet gummies along with worms

Sam’s Club is one of the stores that sell wholesale candy at affordable prices. One of the advantages of shopping at this store is that you will find packages of assorted sweets from the best brands starting at $11.

As in other stores, Sam’s Club offers an assortment of individually wrapped treats, so children can know the ingredients and flavors of all their candy.

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