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How much does it cost to apply for residency in the US?

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  • The cost of legal residency in the United States varies depending on whether you live inside or outside the country. 
  • Applicants living within the United States must pay around $1,760 for this process.
  • Know all the expenses involved in applying for US residency.

Find out the cost of applying for US residency! Are you about to start the process of obtaining permanent residence? Before taking the first step, it is important to know how much money you must save to cover the cost of US residency.

The cost of applying for US residency varies depending on whether the applicant lives inside or outside the country. For example, those who live in the United States must pay approximately $1,760, while residents of other countries must pay $1,200.

Cost of form I-130

Form for processing along with documents

The cost of the United States residency process includes the form I-130, which is $535, regardless of the country where the applicant lives. This is the first step towards obtaining permanent residence.

This form is extremely important and it is essential to fill it out with 100% verifiable and truthful information, since any error could prevent you from moving on to the next step. In cases where there is no direct relationship with a US resident, obtaining the document will be determined by a priority range.

Application to Register Permanent Residence: Form I-485

form with pen

This form is only applicable to people who live in the US and it is known as form I-485, or Application to Register Permanent Residence. Filing it costs approximately $1,140.

The I-485 form takes between 11 and 20 months to process, and aims to establish and verify the relationship between an applicant for residence and a US citizen to determine that the former is a legitimate candidate for permanent residence.

State Department procedures


In this case, the data processing fee (or visa application form) for the State Department will only be applicable to those who live outside the country and it costs $325.

The DS-261 form is a simple step that takes just a few minutes. It is for the State Department to contact the applicant for permanent residence and verify that it is a person who already resides in the country.



One more step that must be followed by those who wish to obtain permanent residence together with the cost of the US residency process are the medical and biometric exams. Biometrics cost approximately $85. This procedure is only applicable to US residents.

The medical exams will attempt to prove that the person is physically and mentally fit to live in the United States. This includes being free of addictions and some diseases, in addition to having the vaccines required by the US health system.

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