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Never-before-seen photos of Angélica Vale in a bikini (PHOTOS)

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Angélica Vale
  • Photos of Mexican actress sporting a dazzling figure resurface.
  • This is what ‘La Vale’ looked like more than 15 years ago!
  • Angélica Vale is ready to return to the theater in a new play.

The talented Mexican actress and singer Angélica Vale is one of the most beloved personalities among the Latino public, both for her great charisma and also for starring popular telenovelas.

And although the actress has been away from the small screen for a long time and her fans miss her, ‘La Vale’ is always active on social media. A short time ago, photos of the great actress when she was young and looking incredible were leaked.

Photos Angélica Vale in a bikini

Images Angelica Vale in a bikini
PHOTO: Twitter

On social media, some images of the great Mexican actress when she was younger have gone viral and it turns out that, not only does she have a great figure, she wasn’t afraid to show it off in a black bikini.

The La Fea Más Bella star wears an incredible bikini that highlights her figure. These photos were shared by a user on Twitter who wanted to remind the world of Angelica Vale in her prime.

Angelica Vale today

Images Angelica Vale in a bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

However, in the middle there is also an image of Vale looking great today. It’s clear Angélica María’s continues to look just as beautiful as always.

Angelica Vale is currently 47 years old, and has acted in countless Televisa productions, on soap operas such as La Fea más Bella, Soñadores, and  Amigas y Rivales, in which she starred alongside the incomparable Adamari López.

She receives a star on the Walk of Fame

PHOTO: Instagram

Recently, the Mexican actress received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her popularity in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. The event was attended by various important personalities, including Adamari supporting her friend.

Angélica Vale has not only focused her television career, but also has a long career in voice acting. Angélica will be back in theater with the play Vaselina starting on July 13.

Meet Angélica Vale’s husband

PHOTO: Instagram

Otto Padón is Angélica’s husband. She has taken some time out of the spotlight, because according to Fama, Angélica has two children and wants to fulfill her obligations as a mother. Otto is a prominent television producer.

According to Fama magazine, Otto served in the US Army for almost 40 years. This was before he entered the media industry. Currently, Angélica Vale’s husband is a renowned executive and has held important positions within the Telemundo network.

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