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The leader of the CJNG is murdered inside his jail cell

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  • The leader of the CJNG is murdered.
  • Humberto López was killed inside his jail cell.
  • Authorities don’t know what happened.

KILLED INSIDE HIS JAIL CELL! The alleged leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, Humberto López Cabezas, also known as Diego Armando Pantoja Infante aka «El Panther», has been murdered. He was considered the head of the Plaza de los Templarios and was killed inside his cell in La Piedad prison.

After his death, the authorities are investigating what occurred inside the Mexican prison. At the moment, it is not known who killed him. In Mexico, drug trafficking is an ongoing problem in the country.


Photo: Twitter

The body of the alleged leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, Humberto López Cabezas, was found in the La Piedad prison. According to El Sol de Parral, the drug trafficker was found dead with a rope around his neck. Later, it was confirmed by the Michoacán State Attorney General’s Office.

Local media reported that the alleged leader was also known as Diego Armando Pantoja Infante but in the world of drug trafficking he was known as «El Panther». At the moment, his death is also being treated as a probable homicide, although the authorities did not confirm this.

Who is El Panther?

Who is 'The Panther'?
Photo: Twitter

So far, authorities have not confirmed what happened to the suspected drug trafficker. El Panther had been in the La Piedad prison since December 2022 and was under investigation. El Blog del Narco explained that it hasn’t yet been determined if his death was a murder or suicide.

After El Panther’s death, Mexican authorities’ investigation into his criminal activity was recalled. In 2014, when Cabezas was wanted by the authorities and they stated that he was believed to be the head of the Plaza de los Templarios. However, in 2022 he began to be associated with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

How was he apprehended?

CJNG leader dies: How was he apprehended?
Photo: Twitter

In December, the authorities of the state of Michoacán announced that El Panther was apprehended in a raid. At that time, he was identified as the leader in the area of ​​Uruapan and San Juan Nuevo Parangaricutiro, in Michoacán, according to El Sol de Parral. At the time of his arrest, they indicated that he was in an armed camp.

At the campsite, they found a .50-caliber Barrett anti-aircraft rifle, eight assault rifles, a grenade launcher, three .40-caliber grenades, and four bulletproof vests. Humberto López was in the Matanguarán and Cutzato camps at the time of his arrest.

What was he accused of?

CJNG leader dies: what was he being accused of?
Photo: Twitter

He was charged with aggravated kidnapping and drug trafficking in the area where he was apprehended. But, it was not the only thing that El Panther was accused of. He also allegedly extorted avocado producers, according to El sol de Parral.

Immediately after his arrest, they announced that he was involved in the murder of 16 people. The authorities indicated that the people who were in the camp fled into the bushes. At the moment, the Michoacán police continue to investigate his death.

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