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How to tell if a used car has been in an accident before you buy it

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  • Are you going to buy a used car?
  • Discover how to identify if it has been in an accident.
  • Secrets that you may not have known are revealed.

A big problem for anyone who decides to buy a used vehicle is that you don’t know if the car has been involved in an accident before. Find out what you should do to determine whether you’re really getting a good deal.

There are dozens of cars on the market. But you can’t always buy a new vehicle, or maybe you just don’t want to and you opt for a used one. This can be a great decision if you pay attention to all the details that will let you know, among other things, if a car has been wrecked.

Find out how to identify if a car has been in an accident

Discover the signs to know if your car was crashed
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It should be noted that there is a market for so-called salvage cars. Cars that were involved in an accident and that were considered a total loss by an insurer, but that are repaired and reconditioned, according to El Universal.

This is not an illegal practice but seller must be up-front about the car’s history. To help you to avoid being deceived, we give you the following advice.

Signs that a car has been in an accident

Signs that a car was crashed and repaired


If you are looking to buy a used car and you find one at a great price, don’t rush. Take the time to investigate everything about the vehicle to guarantee its papers are in order and that was not involved in an accident then rebuilt.

According to the Autofact blog, there are six important things to check on a used car. Number one is activated airbags. This is one of the clearest signs that the vehicle was involved in an accident. Take into account that these should not be repaired, so if you buy that car you will have one less security element. Filed Under: Signs car was crashed



To check if the air bags are working properly, just start the car and check on the dashboard that the corresponding indicator lights up. Number two is the paint job. Pay attention and make sure that the paint is uniform and that all parts of the car are the exact same color.

The car may have been in a minor accident, but a different tone is still an indicator that a part has been repaired or replaced. Number three is oxidation. The exterior of the vehicle must not show rust. There are several reasons why it could show this kind of wear, one of them is having been in a flood. Filed Under: Signs car was crashed



It’s important to pay attention to every detail and check the joints between doors, hood and trunk to ensure not only that they’re not rusted but also that they’re not crooked. The fourth thing is the the doors closing. If the doors don’t close properly, it is a sign of a strong blow in that area. Check all of them and look at the car from different perspectives to detect any anomalies.

Look for welds. A car that is in good shape should not have any welds on any of the elements that make up the front and rear, and everything should fit together perfectly. Check the shock tower, which should have a round shape and no welds. Finally, check the condition of the tires. Although it is common for the tires to be replaced on a reconditioned car, it is worth checking that the tires show the same wear and that they are all the same size. Filed Under: Signs car was crashed

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