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Host Kiara Romero sends heartbreaking message after suicide attempt

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  • Hispanic host Kiara Romero discusses her attempted suicide.
  • She shared a heartbreaking message for those suffering from depression.
  • She threw herself off a building.

It was recently revealed that popular TV host, Kiara Romero made a suicide attempt. Fortunately she survived and now she has shared a heartbreaking message dedicated to all those people who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. People en Español reported that the host who was also won the reality show Estrellas de la Tele 2 suffered from severe depression that led her to attempt suicide. Now, she has decided to show the consequences of that attempt.

Kiara Romero was suffering from severe depression in 2018 and jumped off of a building. She miraculously survived but she bears the scars of that terrible incident. Now the recognized face on television in the Dominican Republic shows her wounds and sends a heartbreaking message.

Presenter Kiara Romero threw herself from a building and survived

Kiara Romero attempted suicide
Photo: Instagram

In honor of International Public Health Day, many famous and not famous people have taken to social media to share for the first time the difficult times they went through due to depression and other mental health issues. Kiara Romero’s story is dramatic.

Four years after the unpleasant moment in which the Dominican host tried to take her own life, Kiara Romero is stable and on a mission to provide clarity and healing to people who are going through what she was in 2018. She recalled what happened back then. Filed Under: Kiara Romero attempted suicide

Kiara Romero sends heartbreaking message after suicide attempt

Kiara Romero attempted suicide
Photo: Instagram

The actress posted a photograph on Instagram where she appears with a big smile wearing a lime green jacket and a salmon blouse. She added the description: «Today we take care of and treat our physique as temples, but we forget the importance of also taking care of our mental health.»

“Not prioritizing the value of it, not knowing that this can even affect our physical health. Not taking care of our mental health can affect the way we think, feel and act. How we manage difficult situations, and also pleasant ones; how we relate to other people and the decisions we make,” Kiara Romero continued. Filed Under: Kiara Romero attempted suicide

«Today it’s someone else, tomorrow it could be you»

"Today it's someone else, tomorrow it could be you"
Photo: Instagram

The host stressed that you have to be careful with mental illnesses, “Depression, anxiety, stress, suicide, bipolarity, dementia, schizophrenia, autism, among many other diseases and syndromes are situations to which all people are vulnerable. It has nothing to do with sex, age, skin color, nationality, personality or strength. It can happen to all of us! Today it is someone else, tomorrow it could be you.»

In another of her posts she showed how her legs and feet look now, still bruised and swollen. She also has scars on her back. Filed Under: Kiara Romero attempted suicide

The charismatic Dominican host showed her injuries after the fall

The charismatic Dominican showed her injuries after the spectacular fall
Photo: Instagram

“Due to my accident in November 2018 (attempted suicide) I had severe physical injuries and it took me a long time to accept my reality, to see myself in the mirror, to understand that now I looked different than before, that there were things I had to adapt to. Living in a toxic relationship dragged me into a severe depression, but today, thank God, he left me,” she shared, proud of her body and of having come out ahead.

“Today my scars are a very powerful weapon because they remind me every day where God took me from, how much he has shared for me and, above all, how valuable and strong I am. Now I see myself and I like the woman I see in the mirror more,” added host Kiara Romero after her suicide attempt. Filed Under: Kiara Romero attempted suicide. Some images were taken from this video.

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