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Late Beatle George Harrison’s sister Louise dies at 91 (PHOTOS)

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  • Late Beatle George Harrison’s sister Louise dies.
  • The complicated life of Louise Harrison after her brother’s death.
  • Who was Louise Harrison?

George Harrison’s sister, Louise Harrison, has died. She was 91 years old. This comes after the Beatles guitarist passed away and his widow cut off her inheritance.

According to The Sun, the news was shared through Louise Harrison’s Facebook page which detailed some important aspects of her life and death.

George Harrison’s sister dies

Louise Harrison dies
PHOTO: Getty Images

The Sun indicated that the sister of The Beatles’ guitarist was in hospice care before her death death. Her death was reported by members of a Beatles tribute band, the Liverpool Legends via Facebook.

A close friend said Louis died ‘painlessly and peacefully’. Marty Scott, a member of the Liverpool Legends, wrote: “It’s really hard for me to get words out at the moment, but Lou meant the world to me. Since the day I met her my life was changed forever. It was just a few weeks after George passed and it started a whirlwind of change in my entire world,” he said. Filed Under: Louise Harrison Dies

Louise Harrison dies: How the news broke

Louise Harrison dies
PHOTO: Getty Images

Marty also revealed that she had been a very special person in his life. “She’s been my family now for over 20 years. It’s hard to explain our relationship but at times she was truly my sister, sometimes my grandmother, sometimes my child, and sometimes my best friend.”

We spent so much time together and travelled to so many places. She was a huge part of my life and did so many things for me and Liverpool Legends. She opened so many darn doors for us and never took no for an answer,” he said according to Liverpool World UK. Filed Under: Louise Harrison Dies

Saying goodbye to the author of My Kid Brother’s Band a.k.a. the Beatles

PHOTO: Getty Images

Louise’s and George Harrison’s fans were surprised by the news and some of them have been sending condolences through social media to Louise’s family and the members of Liverpool Legends.

“My heart is broken with this news. She was love. She was the best woman,” said one user. “Very sad to wake up to the news that Louise Harrison, George’s sister, has died. I interviewed her for my book and she was really fun to talk to. She will be sorely missed.” “I am saddened to learn that Louise Harrison passed away at the age of 91 in a nursing home in Florida. She was George’s older sister and she was brilliant with us fans. Her book is worth reading,” users said. Filed Under: Louise Harrison Dies

George Harrison’s tragic death

PHOTO: Getty Images

George Harrison had a successful career as lead guitarist for The Beatles. After George’s death, Louise dedicated herself to honoring his memory with her book My Kid Brother’s Band a.k.a. the Beatles!.

George Harrison died in 2001 after losing the fight against cancer. According to the The Sun, George left an inheritance for his sister, which she later lost, because his wife, Olivia, and her son, Dhani, cut her off. Filed Under: Louise Harrison Dies

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