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Soda Stereo guitarist Gustavo Cerati’s tragic death

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  • Did Gustavo Cerati have an autopsy?
  • He was guitarist for the iconic band Soda Stereo.
  • What his family did after his death.

The death of Gustavo Cerati, who was a guitarist for the iconic rock band Soda Stereo, caused an uproar in the music industry because the musician went through the hardest and most difficult moments of his life before he died.

The news of his death was reported on September 4, 2014. The Soda Stereo vocalist and guitarist left thousands devastated after his sad passing. It should be noted that many questions about Gustavo Cerati’s death came to light shortly after.

Gustavo Cerati’s tragic death

Autopsy Gustavo Cerati
Photo: Twitter

Was an autopsy actually performed on Gustavo Cerati? Although, at this time, it has not been confirmed that a forensic examination was carried out on the Argentine singer, however, we know that it is legal to carry to perform an autopsy to determine the true cause of death as well as the results of the toxicological tests.

Gustavo Cerati is still a major Latin American star even nine years after his death. But how did he die? It is known that he did not have a terribly healthy lifestyle.

How did the former member of Soda Stereo die?

Autopsy Gustavo Cerati
Photo: Twitter

In 2010, while the musician and vocalist for Soda Stereo was in his dressing room preparing for a concert, he began to feel very ill. Shortly after, it was confirmed that Gustavo suffered an ischemic cerebrovascular accident (ACV) that led to a coma.

His family kept him alive while he remained connected to life support. On September 4, 2014 they decided to disconnect him after learning he would not be able to breathe on his own, according to La Voz de Galicia.

Did they perform an autopsy on Gustavo Cerati?

Did they perform an autopsy?
Photo: Twitter

Before Gustavo Cerati fell into a coma, he suffered from thrombophlebitis (a condition in which a blood clot in a vein causes inflammation and pain), a disease that is caused by smoking. It was known that he smoked almost two packs a day.

The Soda Stereo musician remained in a coma for four years, until his family decided to pull the plug. He died as the result of an ischemic stroke and it is unknown if they actually performed an autopsy on on the guitarist and rock singer, according to La voz de Galicia.

Gustavo Cerati was a heavy smoker

It is said that the famous musician suffered from a tobacco addiction
Photo: Twitter

After leaving Soda Stereo, Gustavo pursued a solo career and even put rock aside and experimented with electronic music. He produced up to five studio albums along with various collaborations.

Gustavo Cerati was one of the most prolific musicians in Latin America. Originally from Argentina, he managed to captivate the hearts of millions of Hispanics both as a soloist and as part of Soda Stereo, according to Heraldo Binario. To learn more about celebrity autopsies click HERE.

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