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Four of the best books to read to children

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  • Find out the best books to read to children! 
  • Awaken the imagination of children with fantastic stories created by the most recognized authors.
  • We present four classic titles that will captivate your little ones.

Do you know the best books to read to children? Libraries are full of eye-catching titles, created especially for schoolchildren who are discovering reading and there is nothing better for them than the classic works of the most recognized authors.

For this reason, we present four books that cannot be missing from your personal library. From fantastic tales to stories that teach great lessons, children will find a new refuge in literature. Get to know these four titles!

4. Charlotte’s Web is a moving tale

little boy with a book

This book by EB White is one of the most important literary works of all time, as it contains great lessons and morals. The book emphasizes the importance of teamwork, being compassionate and empathic, as well as finding ways to solve everyday problems.

The story focuses on two main characters: Wilbur, a little pig who lives on a farm, and Charlotte, a spider who will do anything to save him from being killed. For that, she will have to come up with a creative plan and overcome many challenges. Children will love this story!

3. Goodnight Moon is a great bedtime story


Goodnight Moon, a children’s story by Margaret Brown, written in 1947, is a book that will never go out of style. Its literary value has accompanied the little ones to create fantasy worlds, either at school or at bedtime.

This illustrated book has as its main character a friendly bunny who has the habit of saying good night to each object that is in its path. The rhythm of the verses and the subtle rhymes are ideal for entertaining the little ones.

2. The Cat in the Hat is a fun book

man with girl reading a book

Experts in children’s literature recommend reading this book to children between the ages of 3 and 8, but the story offers universal teachings that have gone around the world and even adults enjoy Dr. Seuss!

It is an illustrated story of a cat that shows up at the house of a character named Sally. In his eagerness to entertain her and her brother, he begins to create a mess in her path, which he has to solve before the arrival of the little ones’ parents.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis


This C.S. Lewis classic offers a fantastic vision of the world, creating an alternate universe, or land called Narnia, which is entered through a wardrobe. There little ones will hear about mythical creatures and the challenges that these they live day by day.

Time magazine has listed it as one of the 100 best novels of all time and the story has been brought to the big screen with great success. Without a doubt, parents will be able to find different books to read to children at any time of the day so they can learn more about the world through classic literature. Don’t miss out on reading these titles!

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