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Fernando del Rincón is devastated by a loved one’s illness

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  • Fernando del Rincón shares sad news on social media.
  • The Mexican journalist is devastated by a friend’s illness.
  • He asks for financial help.

«You know I don’t do this.» It took many by surprise that renowned Mexican journalist Fernando del Rincón shared a video on social media where he is distraught over a loved one’s illness. Even more surprising, he asked for financial help for his friend.

About to reach 2 million followers on his official Instagram account, the news presenter does not often share photos or videos about his personal life. He occasionally posts pictures with his wife, the Venezuelan actress Jullye Giliberti, but nothing more.

Fernando del Rincón exploded on a live broadcast

Fernando del Rincón exploded in full live program
instagram photo

“That you can’t buy a beer and have two AR-15s. It sucks. And the politics that tolerates it is disgusting,” said Fernando del Rincón just a few days after the massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde Texas, where 19 students and two teachers lost their lives at the hands of an 18-year-old.

This video shows the journalist that viewers are used to seeing, but many could not believe the video where he announced that a loved one had been diagnosed with a terrible disease. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

“I am asking you to please help me”

"I am asking you to help me"
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“This is my temple. One of the best moments that I spend in life and where I take out all the frustration and anxiety and everything that this life represents, my place of mental and spiritual retreat, and today all that is interrupted by bad news,” said the Mexican journalist.

Visibly affected, Fernando del Rincón compared this place, a tennis court that he regularly visits, with the movie Karate Kid, even revealing that they have a kind of ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Miyagi is the famous character played by the deceased actor, Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita.

A great friend of Fernando del Rincón has stomach cancer

A great friend of Fernando del Rincón has stomach cancer
instagram photo

Fernando del Rincón revealed that one of these ‘Miyagis’, his instructor and great friend Rafa Milla, was diagnosed with stomach cancer: «A man who has dedicated his life to tennis and the only thing he has done is motivate to children, give them sports education, give them values, give them motivation and has created professionals who have played in the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players)”.

“Today Rafa, our sensei, has stomach cancer and we are asking you, please, I am asking you to please help me, you know that I do not do this, that you help us by donating to the GoFundMe page because treatment will be very expensive for Rafa and his family. We need to support him financially.”

The Mexican journalist confesses that he owes a lot to tennis

The Mexican journalist confesses that he owes a lot to tennis
instagram photo

About to end his message, the news anchor confessed that he owes a lot to tennis and to people like his coaches, including Rafa Milla: “I think that if we can face this together, as a tennis family, it would be wonderful to shake hands with a man who has raised and who has created so many tennis players, and if not, at least athletes and has kept so many people and so many boys away from things like drugs and the streets.”

«I ask you please, whatever you can, a dollar, 50 cents, it doesn’t matter, when you add up the number of people who are supporting us, surely we will be able to pay for the medical expenses of our beloved Rafa,» said Fernando del Rincón, to whom his followers immediately offered their support. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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