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Chiquis Rivera celebrates her birthday in a barely there bikini

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  • Chiquis Rivera celebrates her birthday in a sexy bikini.
  • She shows off her curves with a daring pose.
  • She travels with her boyfriend to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

To celebrate her birthday, singer Chiquis Rivera did something daring. She got cheeky, showing off her assets in a sexy black bikini, shocking her fans. Without the slightest shame, she showed her curves to everyone, according to La Lengua teve.

As you may remember, recently the daughter of Jenni Rivera shared a never-before-seen photo of her and her mother, on the occasion of her 37th birthday, which the singer decided to celebrate in style. According to the show’s Instagram, she went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to celebrate with her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez.


Chiquis Rivera birthday bikini
instagram photo

The couple enjoyed sunbathing aboard a luxury yacht and the singer put on an impressive black bikini, which revealed all her charms. She shared a daring photograph that has caused a sensation on Instagram.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter has always liked to be the center of attention on social media, which is why she always shares very daring photos with little clothing, wearing lingerie or even no clothes at all. What she did on this occasion far exceeds everything that she has shown on her official page. This time it was her boyfriend who showed her off.


Daughter Jenni Rivera butt
instagram photo

But the most impressive thing about the post was that Jenni Rivera’s daughter had no qualms about showing off her bum by putting it in her boyfriend’s face, while the photographer did his job. Fans and haters immediately reacted when they saw that the singer showed off her assets.

In addition, the couple shared a video in which she shakes her assets to the rhythm of the music. We can see they had an unforgettable vacation to celebrate her 37th birthday in the midst of the controversy due to the constant ‘clashes’ with her relatives over her mother’s fortune. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera birthday bikini


Chiquis Rivera birthday bikini
instagram photo

Going straight for the jugular, one person wrote the following: «People are already losing shame, but well I don’t blame him because he allows himself to put those BALLS on his face to get fame and she to get money and pay the surgeries. She has to do something that vulgar to attract attention because she did not succed singing,”

Someone else commented: «Who has to go out like this to be able to attract attention? And the boyfriend or husband or Marinovio how does he allow his wife to exhibit herself like this!!!» «You do see great infatuation, but there is nothing there.» To see the video click here.


Other people commented:“I don’t know why she does that thing of showing her body if she already has a boyfriend oh!! !! Because she wants to attract attention and it works. She wants to show that she is happy and makes the poor boyfriend happy, if everything was fine, they would not waste time.”

«Too bad she has to show off her round body to want to have attention. I have always said it and I will continue to say it… she still has a long way to go to look like her mother…» «What she has to do to attract attention how vulgar.” “She doesn’t know how to attract attention!»

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