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Daniella Navarro says she’s having a hard time recovering from cosmetic surgery: «It’s killing me»

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  • The Venezuelan actress confirms suspicions about her health.
  • Daniella Navarro is having a hard time after cosmetic surgery.
  • What did she have done?

Daniella Navarro is having a hard time after cosmetic surgery. The actress, influencer and former contestant on La Casa de los Famosos, has been having a hard time lately, as she decided to have some cosmetic surgery and is now dealing with a painful recovery.

The actress has not been sharing content on social media because she is not feeling well enough. Daniella decided to send a message to her followers explaining how she’s doing. Now some are worried.

Daniella Navarro is recovering from cosmetic surgery

PHOTO: Instagram

It seems the woman who caused a huge scandal on the second season of La Casa de los Famosos is not at her best. Well according to People en Español, Navarro is recovering from cosmetic surgery on her her breasts and abdomen.

Navarro has opened up to her millions of Instagram followers and revealed that she is currently not feeling well because she has been in severe pain since the surgery and that «it is killing her».

Daniela says she is feeling «very bad»

Daniella Navarro says she feels very bad
PHOTO: Instagram

Daniela Navarro shared an Instagram story with the following message: “I cry, I laugh, I miss, I long, I get frustrated and so I go. I am light, I am joy, but right now, I am none of that,”she began.

“I trust in my strength, I always tell them that I love hitting bottom because I come with greater momentum, I cling to God in everything that happened. The hardest thing is not having my daughter close, that is killing me,» continued the Venezuelan actress.

Daniella Navarro promises she’ll be back when she’s feeling better

Daniella Navarro says she feels very bad
PHOTO: Instagram

“I promise you that I will make a live video as soon as I have the strength, I only talk to my mother and my daughter, I have no strength or desire for anything else. I am well cared for and spoiled, with patience. Thank you for your messages, I appreciate them with all my soul,» continued the actress.

«La Navarro returns soon with the favor of God,» concluded Nacho Casano’s girlfriend’s statement. So Daniela has revealed that she will be absent from social media for a few more days, is she continues her recovery.

Daniela Navarro shows off her weight-loss

PHOTO: Instagram

A few weeks ago, the La Casa de los Famosos 2 contestant revealed that she had lost a lot of weight after being criticized for gaining weight during her pregnancy.

“#bathing suit #rumboamis40 this year the only thing I’m going to lose is weight hahaha, hold on tight PS: for every critic that comes out it’s a pound less hahahaha My birthday is February 27, ” she said.

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