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Charges filed against murdered model Abby Choi’s ex and his family

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Presentan cargos en contra de la familia de Abby Choi, modelo asesinada
  • Hong Kong model and influencer Abby Choi was found dismembered.
  • The model’s ex and his family were arrested for her murder.
  • The crime has shocked Hong Kong.

The murder of model and influencer Abby Choi has horrified the whole world, especially residents of Hong Kong. Her body was found dismembered in an atrocious act allegedly carried out by her ex-husband and his family.

As if it were taken from a horror movie, the police found the model’s remains in various parts of a house that her ex-father-in-law had recently rented. The heinous crime was allegedly carried out after a dispute over a home valued at millions of dollars.

Abby Choi’s ex-husband and his family arrested for her murder

Family of Abby Choi Arrested and Charged
PHOTO: Twitter

Hong Kong police have filed murder charges against the former in-laws of a model and influencer. Her remains were found in a fridge and a skull believed to be hers was discovered in a cooking pot at a rural home, the AP reports.

Abby Choi’s former father-in-law and his eldest son have been charged with murder, while her former mother-in-law faces one charge of obstruction of justice, police said in a statement on Sunday.

Police arrested model Abby Choi’s ex-father-in-law

They also arrested the ex-father-in-law of model Abby Choi
PHOTO: Instagram

Authorities also detained the woman’s ex-husband on Saturday and charged him with murder on Sunday night, Superintendent Alan Chung said. All four will appear in court on Monday.

The grisly case came to light when police discovered Choi’s body and documents on Friday, after she had been missing for several days. The remains were inside a fridge in a house in the rural village of Tai Po, a suburban area of ​​Hong Kong closest to the border with China.

Choi’s remains were also found in a cooking pot

Their body parts were discovered in pots
PHOTO: Instagram

At Sunday’s press conference, Chung said authorities had found the skull of a young woman believed to belong to Choi in one of the pots they seized, along with several ribs, hair and human remains.

In another pot, forensic pathologists also discovered a small number of human bones, he added, «There is a hole in the right back of the skull, so the pathologist believes that this must be the fatal attack on the victim.»

The model’s ex-father-in-law rented a house to hide the body

The model's ex-father-in-law rented a house to hide the body
PHOTO: Instagram

Chung said Choi was believed to have been attacked in a car and was unconscious when she arrived at the house. The police were still trying to find out the exact time of her death and locate her hands and torso, according to the AP.

On Sunday, police also detained another woman they believed to be the mistress of the ex-husband’s father for allegedly helping the other suspects. Chung said that she had rented the house together with the father, as well as another place to hide the body.

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